Francisco Mulero

Francisco Mulero is a puertorican born painter. He was raised in NYC  by his mother along with his brother.  All his art career was build there with the help of art books his mother bought him.

His style is very unique. His use of faces, bodies, fatlines and women are almost in all his paintins/drawings. When you are watching his art you can quickly see Picasso and Dali on them but in his own surrealistic perception. Most of his works deal with family, overcoming personal troubles and things that touches deeply our way of living.

The drawings look like engraving, sometimes colorful engravings. Sadly I didn't found too much information on him. Which is weird cause judging by his art and "fame" he should be running his own web page to expose his great work. Even when there is not too much information about him on the web. I believe he will be around for quite some time. He is hitting new York big time now but I know he have the potential of going further places.