Things I've learned

Things I've learned this past two days
  1. Dont ever take things for granted.
  2. Parents never ever change they only modify their conduct for better or worst.
  3. There is always a snoring competition in the room I stay.
  4. Always bring few clothing there is always a washer or drier near you. Other choice hand wash your inner clothing. Always works.
  5. Don't think you can pay every time you go out. It feels good but your budget will be compromised.
  6. Don't take towels with you. You can always or most of the time borrow some in the place you wills stay.
  7. Family members can also be depressed. Cheer them up. Help them out. It is family at the end. Maybe that was the whole purpose of the travel without you even knowing it.
  8. Don't get to comfy on the sofa go out. Even when the weather seems like not good at all.
  9. There are always oranges around Florida remember that and get used to it already.
  10. Publix is an amazing supermarket. Very varied and the employees are cool. [at least the one I went to in Colonial Dr.]
  11. Windows Vista still sucks.
  12. I've shared too much body parts around. Those that know what I am talking about know. If you dont Don't ask I wont answer. Thank you!
  13. Guys that live alone can become great cookers.
  14. The AC will be on 24/7 365 days of the year. Wish I could do that back home.
  15. Don't drink a lot the first day you get to a place. You wont feel that good the second day of your trip and you could also ruin the rest of your trip. [be careful]
  16. Midnight hugs can be the best thing ever. Hey there Delilah. Who is Delilah? Yes, I know Delilah.
  17. It is good to miss people. Only then you know how valuable they are for you.
  18. When you are traveling try writing to someone you miss while you are having fun. Let them or show them you are thinking about them. *Note to self: write to Ryan.
  19. Why Georgia? Why? Great song by John Mayer [video]