Obama as Lincoln

I am a Juxtapoz Art & Culture Magazine Online reader. It is a must have magazine in the print edition and online. On June 3 they published an article that artist Ron English did a print of Barack Obama using Abraham Lincoln iconic photograph from 1863. This print is available at UpperPlayground for $200.00. It is gorgeous as a print. He did a great work combining Lincoln and make it look like Obama. It is a really great piece. They are all signed by Ron English and are 18"X24". Only available as a pre-sale and wont be shipped after July 14. UpperPlayground artists have been supporting Barack Obama's presidential campaign making prints [are sold out] and shirts.

It is obviously controversial.

In case you didn't knew or don't remember. Abe was the president that fought for the rights of the black people. He also dealt with the Civil War that he won at a high price on both sides [north and south]. He was from Illinois and run in the politics in that state and won. Even when no one believed he could or would win he did. People judged him because of the way he looked [skinny and simple] and what he wanted to achieve as president. That in some time made him President of the USA and do all the great things he did. He had an amazing power of speech. His well known speech the Gettysburg Address is a short but powerful one. So powerful that still today is celebrated and remembered. He is my favorite president of the US. For many reasons.

Now days Barack Obama haves that "same" qualities. He ocuppied the same sit Abraham had. He represent the same state that Abe had. As many have noticed he haves a power of speech. No one believed he could do win the sit for the democratic party and he IS the one running for president. Above all it seems he is the complete achievement of Abraham's dream. We are like going to face an even that will be big as a history matter. After all the persecution, damage and all the historic events against the black community USA haves to face the fact that they might have a black president.

Will Barack really become the first black president? No one knows. November will say. People will say. I just hope that if he does win this wont be a shattered dream. That he stays true to all what he says he believes and promised in all his campaign. I hope that Barack really understands the role he is playing and dont fuck it up for others in the future.