I want to read in this reader.

I would totally love to have one of this. Good for traveling or just trying to go with less weight on your backpack or side bag. Great for students. I wish this was invented long time ago when I went to elementary or middle school. A pain in the arsss carrying all those book on your back. Main reason why I have some back problems now days.

Because of this an many other issues Sony created Sony Reader Digital Book PRS-505. I read some reviews. It still haves things that need to be fix. But that always happen with this gadgets. I think I can wait for some time to get one when they are almost perfect. It is thin, light weighted, 128MB internal memory, with more available via SD and Memory Stick Pro expansion slots; font size adjusts at the touch of a button; good battery life; also displays PDF and Word files, and plays MP3 files. You can get some books at their E-Book store to read it on the reader. Sony Reader goes for the price of $299.99.

On the other hand Amazon haves one reader too called Amazon Kindle. You should check that out it haves great ratings and reviews by amazon buyers. Guess what you can also buy the books on amazon and they are cheaper since there is no printing process you save actually like half the price. Amazon also provides the subscriptions to newspapers [monthly fee of $14-$6], blogs [from $2- to totally free] and magazines [monthly fee of $3.50-$1.25]. Kindle runs for the price of $359.00.

Even when the Sony Reader is cheaper than the Amazon Kindle I would go for the Kindle just because it offers more variations and subscriptions. The saving range is 50 -60% on the books using the Kindle. Therefore the books are cheaper than Sony e-book store that mostly guarantees 30% of saving. you do the math. Other issue is that Sony doesn't offer blogs, newspaper etc. for what I found on their store but they do offer bundles which are selection of various books from the same author. I even saw more good reviews for the Kindle so I think it will be a good buy even when you pay the $359 for it.

I could add this two readers to my wish list but what for? People wont send me this fabulous, amazing and great reader for me. They might get it for them instead. Still if someone feels the urge of giving me one. It is morer than welcome.


  1. Me vas a perdonar, pero no me gustan los sustitutos de los libros.El encanto del libro son sus páginas, con manchas de la cena, subrayar las frases que te gustan, gastar las tapas de transportarlo...

  2. Tienes razon pero en la escuela aca te matan cargando bultos super cargados de libros y eso te fastidia la espalda a la larga... al menos para la escuela si lo usaria.. :D


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