Forget them.

House of cards

I never asked to much from you. I just asked for comprehension but I didn't even got that from your. Still I carried all this feelings always close to my heart. All with the same faith and faithfulness that I always had towards everything you did. Never got what I wanted what I desired.

You build your world. Fought for it still your house of cards fell down. Just like real cards do. You stood there until there was nothing else to hold on. Like any king that fights for their king do...

Wait. Fuck that. You don't even deserve my words. Not this ones. You got what you asked for so I cant blame you for taking the wrong choices over and over again. Start building your second house of cards. This time make them at least from plastic. It might last longer than paper.

I have to thank Radiohead for making the song . Just push play and enjoy. While you do that I will start building mine.