Art Magazines Reviews


I went to Borders. Got my Juxtapoz Magazine for the month of June and I found some interesting stuff as always. I liked very much the interview with Lucy McLauchlan. Her works are awesomely great. Love her style of black and white. Her lines, designs and everything is all contrasted with each other. I enjoyed very much to see that she adds some canvas within the complete installation. It is eye catching and overall interesting. Pretty much the style that I enjoy. Fat lines, big white or black spaces, murals and all the details she put in her works. She is from UK and haves an identical twin sister. You can get more of the interview when you read the whole article [pages 74 to 87].

I also got the issue No. 40 of CMYK Magazine spring 2008. This magazine shows Portfolios of art students from different universities, colleges and schools. They are divided in four categories Advertising, Design, Photography and Illustration. This portfolios are judged by Agencies, professors and artists. From this issue I like the Portfolio: Design Work very good designs there. Very clever and well done. some controversial, eye catching and different. A new vision of the world with some earth friendly values on it too. The articles goes from page 29 to 40.