I want Sushi 寿司


After spending all morning watching Nobuta wo Produce [a japanese drama]. I got this craving of eating sushi. I heard a lot about the toro-sushi and found out hat is the most expensive kind of sushi [normally of the wider side of the tuna fish, extremely expensive] I went around but didn't found sushi. Guess I should went to a real oriental food restaurant. The malls are full of people.

After all the info i gather on my research I did this. The sushi bellow is the Nigiri-zushi [which is the most common sushi in Japan]. The rolled one with the seaweed [nori] on the outside is known as Makizushi. The other one with the rice and sesame seed on the outside is known as Uramaki [this is the most common in US]. Important ingredients are: Sushi rice, Nori, Shōyu [soy sauce], Wasabi [this is VERY spicy], Gari [ginger] and Ocha [green tea].

Sushi history is great. Didn't knew there were so many kinds and styles. So if you dig sushi read some info so you have an idea of what you might get or what you can ask for. Warning watch out for the wasabi. Whenever you get the chance to see Nobuta wo Produce watch it.


  1. Talking about inexplicable but intriguing sushi flavors, could you help explain this?


    Viste la retahila de comentarios dificiles de tragar en dicho enlace? Si no lo puedes ver, puedes ir a GOOGLE y buscar "BORICUA PREMIADO EN HARVARD" y ENDI.COM (el segundo enlace, del primer acapite de resultados, sera el que va hacia el articulo)

    Please help me explain these apparent contradictions!


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