Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Doves and Vultures

Doves and Vultures

I feel like there is nothing left ...emptyness only. that a huge emptyness is around us… the words now became vane. Everything that we share feels like a lie. All feels so unfair, honestly like a waste of time. Like giving birth to a creature that doesnt want to live. Pushing our desires against our own skin making them happen when they dont even exist. I feel empty. You got carried away. Trying to save us and you just killed us along the way. Every call feels like an electroshock trying to raise the flatline we are walking in.

Every soft word comes inside so dull that makes my blues become grey. The sun shines for both of us, but the clouds are now approaching on my side of the world. What about yours? will the sun ever come out again between us, I just dont know. Arguing not talking. Like an old couple that have sex just for the sake of feeling together that they still are what they were. Still when they are over all goes back to none. Solitude strikes, emptyness fills the empty places you left.

Then the voice… that vicious voice of yours that makes crawl to your bed. Like wanting and hoping for things to get better to listen to your deepest tought while we scream for pleasure. Then you become real again. I hear your issues, you avoid mines. Still i am waiting for the next sign, for the next time when we will try to fly high. take the fucking vultures out of the bed they already smelled the old flesh. Let the doves come inside the room. Let them build nest around our space and multiply the peace we had one day becasue right now I feel like there is nothing left.
I wrote Doves and Vultures back in 05 August 2007 @ 07:40 PM. I believed I wrote it here but I didn't that is why it is here now. I use to went there a lot. Anyways I like this one a lot. I miss the days when I spent hours writing about daily things that crossed my mind. I wish that someday I can go back there.

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