Creatures Comfort is Brill.

I just watched one of the most hilarious videos in a long time. Besides been funny it is pretty simple. In this video you will see animals made of clay that are talking about What is Art?

I figured out while searching for more videos that it is part of Creature Comfort. Creature Comforts was originally a 1989 short film made in United Kingdom about how animals feel about living in a zoo, and later became a series of commercials. This first short film won an oscar for Best Short Film, Animated by Nick Park back in 1991. In 2003 a television series in the same style was released. Nick Park is the creator of Wallace and Grommit, Chicken Run and have won four other Oscar's on short animations films.

For the first short film they interview people about a subject. Later on they took the interviews and made the animations and the animals as if they were talking on their own about the subject in discussion. The company behind all this great videos, animations and ideas are Atom film and Aardman Animations.

Right now there is Creatures Comfort TV [UK] site where you can watch the whole process of how they do the films before and after. There is another site called Greetings from Creatures Comforts were you can buy the regular ones, series featuring voices of americans and you can also find the schedule of were to watch the films on US television [Animal Planet].

Also if you are into all this clay filming you have or should visit this blog called Eyeballs and Fishlips. They have info on most of the clay world films around nowadays. They have been around since 2006 and for what I saw they even gather up sometimes which is very cool.

And people said that playing with Playdoh was stupid. Right!!!
[all this was possible thanks to reading Mike Shinoda's Blog on my google reader]