Blu's Murals

If you are tired of seen more of the same kind of graffiti look no further. Here is Blu straight from Italy to make you think again and ponder on the mural in front of you. You might say what the hell? This is not graffiti. Guess what? Graffiti have change a lot in this past 15 years. [proof of this are Os Gemeos and Swoon]. This movement is evolving faster every time. Going places no one could ever imagine 25 years ago.

I did some research on this guy Blu and didnt found many info available but here is what I found:

The artist BLU from Bologna is known for his very large, often surreal and aggressive but always strong pictures in the public space. His very playful and comic-style pieces often carry an ethnic, political or moral statement, yet without being patronising. Next to his works in the public space, he draws a lot and uses the pictures in animation films. In Wuppertal, his central theme was the daily information overkill in the public space. He worked with so-called 'for free' magazines which are forced on us at every street corner. They hardly ever contain any interesting or relevant content, but instead are completely packed with adverts. For the project, BLU produced and distributed 6.000 of those "for free" magazines himself. BLU chose this format and published his pictures anonymously and without any commentary, explanation or further information. At the same time he designed various walls in the city and with that created a reference to the drawings and his extensive pieces in the public space. [taken from]
For what I say around his art is consisted of mostly murals. Surreal subjects and themes. Huge humans painted on walls in awkward situations. He also makes videos/animations of this murals he makes. The one that I just saw is called Muto: An ambiguous animation painted on public walls. If you havent seen this you should totally see it. It is so amazing I just wonder how many time it took to paint and film it. Wonderful work. This video and art was all done and taken in Buenos Aires Argentina and Baden. But hey dont stop on that one check all of them. The trip is worth it.

His webpage is very original. Loved the concept of the notebook and de video for the video is great. The link page is great with all the side notes pointing to the links. Overall I like it. Seems like a real notebook that you carried to all the places you have been. Really cool the website. Here are some of his work in pictures this pictures were taken from and


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