Art Exchange.

En estos dias pedi una libreta a amazon y me llego hoy. Eso significa que puedo hacer la introduccion para el intercambio. Eso es asi. Voy a hacer otro intercambio pero esta vez sera una moleskine. It will travel all the way to Magdeburg, Germany to my friend Johannes [i love his name] also known as ~Manuza. We figured out that we were going to make an exchange. He haves cool characters and this might also work as a practice experience.

We have been planning this for several weeks and tomorrow everything begins. I will be updating as soon as I start the notebook. We have free theme so we will work upon the drawing the other one makes. We have up to five pages and after we do the pages we ship them back and so on until we finish the whole note book.

I always wanted to do this with other local artist but it never happened dont know why. If there is anyone interested let me know we can exchange things but people please do complete the exchange... it is for the love of art or does it always have to be all about money. I have exchange art before with people from other places cause it is easier they do reply and are more open to exchange their art with other people around the globe and learn from it.

Well I will keep you posted people.