Oh, Sparrows.

I like tattoos. I like sparrow tattoos. I think I first saw sparrows tattoos on Mark McGratch shoulders back in 1997-99 [perhaps]. Loved that guy he was gorgeous. After that sparrows became kind of the tattoo trend at the moment. Truth is that they are gorgeous when they are well done. I have never seen real sparrows in my life, yet.

Therefore I decided to make a sparrow in a bag but I need the pattern to make that. So I decided to make another cushion [smaller 7.5in. wide x 4.5in tall]] with a sparrow. It is the first time I use this "technique" of embroidery. First i draw the sparrow from an image i saw on the net. Then made a photocopy of it a bit smaller. Later on I traced it on the felt. There you have it. The colors were maked with sharpie markers. Three hours on this baby 'cause of the embroidery.