Updated: well so Awkward I even missed typed the title band a few other things. [hahahahaha]

I have to admit this weekend was akward. Did lot of thinking.

Yesterday I really felt like I am meant to be alone. SInce my parents are on vacation I have been alone this past few days in my house. I don't have my clothing downstairs but that is already fixed. I got early [well that is not different I always do for the past 20 years]. On Saturday I went to bed at 1am then i was already up at 7am. I dont need an alarm either I just get up at that time and keep walking.

Anyways did the dishes, cleaned the birds house, fed them, shower them [they loved it]. Stayed all day online. Doing nothing just watching pages. I wanted to go to the art shop and get some canvas but didnt felt like going out. Craved a starbucks frappuccino, that didnt happen either. Watched Charlie and the Chocolate Factory today. Yesterday I watched Willy Wonka and I still believe Charlie and the Choc. Factory ruled over Willy big time. that is just my humble opinion.

The post that is before this one was just part of the random thinking I did this weekend. I am pretty emotional this past days. I did went thru his new house. So cold. Anyway... Life is good moving on. Still have to do some stuff around the house well upstairs and downstairs mostly upstairs. Visited my grandparents this weekend too. Miss them much, but I need this alone time. Ihave become pretty creative this past few days. Even the moleskine is getting attention and I am using it quite very often which is absolutely cool.

I have $3.40 in change on my back pack. $50.00 all rolled up in change for the bank. I spent $41.oo the other day at Borders. Wasted $15 on Pizza Hut thursday and I didnt liked the pizza. I asked for an extra pepperoni, extra cheese. It did had the extra chesse but the extra pepperoni the only added like four slices of pepperoni [assholes]. It is still on the fridge. On the flickr account I spent $25. Sent something to a friend $26. Also need to get my new deviantart account $8. So am I saving something.. ehh no. Not this weekend. Cant wait to be friday again. Still I have to pay $40 for the freaking cellphone that I harldy use now. I have no one to talk to that much so I am contemplating the idea of staying without one in octuber when the contract is over. [lets see if I still think the same when the times come].


  1. larga historia... cambiemos de tema..... me alegro que te gustaran los dibujos nuevos.


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