An Absolut Sutpidity.

Back in march Absolut [Vodka] made an ad for the Mexico market showing a map with the states of California, Utah, Arizona and Texas as part of Mexico. I found the ad pretty good and that it nailed the market.

This map used is dated of 1830 representing the states that were still part of Mexico back then. After the ad crossed the border on the internet many Anti Illegal Organizations [like ALIPAC] are ranting against Absolut and the agency in charge of the campaign. Stating that it is like fuel to the situation that Mexicans think that those states were robbed from them. Reality is that they were part of Mexico and after the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo signed in feb 1848 US took possesion of those territorries.

They quickly made public that they were against the ad to the point that Absolut had to remove it/ban it and apologize on their Absolut blog to the United States costumers for making such an ad. Since it was made for the Mexico market they never believed something like this would be taken at this huge outrage that is now. You should read the comments there it is insane.

Many people and organizations are boycotting Absolut products. They even put up a website were they expose many of their evidence of this so call Separatist Movement/La Reconquiesta that mexicans have and are carrying along the same area covered in the map. the territory that known by mexicans as Aztlan.

Even Skyy vodka an all american company made a statement and are supporting this anti-illegal movement. Now ALIPAC will "encourage All boycott supporters to try SKYY Vodka, as a show of thanks to the American brand for standing up for Americans!" [In case you didnt knew or forgot all the people from Canada to Patagonia, Buenos Aires are AMERICANS cause they live in the Americas. So stop calling yourselves americans. There are no real "US americans" in US. The only real "US americans" were the native americans and the immigrants that came searching for freedom killed them centuries ago.]

So now Skyy is taking advantage of this situation. Using the feelings and sentiment of people to send up high their vodka marketing. Yes that is the american way of working things out. Hey, Don't drink Absolut they are no good. Drink ours [Skyy] we understand you. Now get drunk in our name.

I bet that most of the people against Absolut dont even drink vodka. But their ego got so busted because of the historical fact and reality that they will start drinking now to overcome the "magnitude" of this so called offense.

United States was build up by immigrants that came looking up for a better life. They all worked, took advantage of the goverment programs, the land and sent money to their families across the ocean to mantain and support them. Some didn't work, robbed, killed and raped too. So there is no big difference from your ancesters that were immigrants to those nowdays. In fact I bet many came here running away from law trying not to get caught or whatever.

Please do understand the history. Understand the fact that those states were poblated by mexicans and indians. Therefore there are still decendants from that time, plus the ones that ran away from the new habitants that tried to kill them to gain their territory. You also forgot that you killed, robbed, bought and did many horrendous things to have what you have now. You ripped off other already existing cultures to place yours BY FORCE. Trying to make them more civilize them. Which was so wrong since their culture was far more civilize and rich in culture.

I can't believe that a simple ad like that one that talked about an idealistic situation got this far. Every immigrant community haves their pride italians, germans, english, french, hispanic, black, european and asian. All have their own part in the history of what United State is now. They all contributed in good and bad ways to form what you enjoy today. so get over this stupidity of boycotting and the movement cause in the end you will not win. Mexicans are the largest group of the hispanic immigrants. They have also help build the culture of those states. You even kept the city names like they were back then. It is just an old map. This havent change. Those states still belong to US.

Instead of arguing against it do what other did help them out cause you are now a citizen or "american" because someone died so you can have all the priviledges your family enjoyed to make you who you are now. Work in favor of resolving this issue not against it. This could tear the southwest appart.

Damn haughty ego of yours. It is great to be proud but not arrogant. Dont forget where your family came from and what they went thru for you to be what and who you are now.

I now wonder are this the US true colors on this topic? Hate and dispair towards [mainly hispanic immigrant] people? I deny to believe this. I always believed US was the land of dreams. So keep it like that.
... and people still doubt that media have power over people. Lets go and drink some tequila and forget all this nonesense ...

"In an Absolut world Bush wouldn't be president of United States and wouldn't be trying to "save the world" while he abandons his country."