Super Cake

This is the BEST PLACE to get a cake here in Puerto Rico.
They have been around since 1963 so thats gotta mean something.
This cakes always takes me to my childhood.
OH! The sugar rush on my vains. Haha!!

Ave. 65 Inf., Km. 1.8, Ext San Agustón, Rio Piedras
Puerto Rico - San Juan, Río Piedras
Teléfonos : (1) [787] 7674507 * (1) [787] 7673522 * Fax : (1) [787] 7653794


  1. I have been leaving in Florida for 17 years and don't go to Puerto Rico that much, but every time someone is going there or coming to Fl my request to them is a cake from super cake and 1 box of bastelillos de guayaba. I love it. It reminds me when ai was living in puerto rico and my mom will have a bday cake for Si=uoer Cake for every bday in the family.
    You guys should open one here in Orlando, I think it will do really good

    Ivette Ayala

  2. Super Cake in Puerto Rico is like Valencia Cakes in New York. They both are so unique. Look up You'll love them also.


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