Stiker Phiens 2008

I was invited by MadOne from Arizona to be part of and expo he will be curating. The expo name is STIKER PHIENS 2008 it will be held @ Hood Ride in Phoenix, Arizona the 4th of April 2008. He asked me if I could send some stickers and well besides the stickers [that I havent done yet...] I am sending a new clipboard [the one shown here below] Later one when I finish he whole package Iwill be posting the pics here on the blog. The people from Sticky Ricks working with them too so this is awesome.

So I hope he takes pics and send them to me or whatever.
I am just happy that he was kind enough to invite.


There will be many sticker artist participating. Artists like Akayo, Dr. Nuse, DumperFoo, Killer Gerbil, Mythos, Mad One, 3rd Vision, UWP, Robots Will Kill, Phoneticontrol, 14 Bolt [if youhave no clue ... google them :D]. I have seen Killer Gerbil, MadOne, Robts will Kill and their works are very very good.

If you are intrested on being part of the history cause this is the first tim arizona have this kind of art show you can visit MadOne05 at flickr send him a messge and join the expo.


  1. que bien, como es? tu haces stickers? tus propios diseños?pero mira que bueno, participar en exposiciones asi claro que te pone feliz!


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