First I have to say that I am pretty proud of this movie. Even when I had nothing to do with it. I am very very proud. This is just another proof that in Puerto Rico we make great cinema. Not like everyone believes. Why I say this? People here think that all movies will be like the ones from Vicente Castro [which I dont and will never like until he makes something better]. So again I am really happy of the reviews and that people are really supporting the film movement that is growing here again thanks to movies like this one and El clown and Angel.

This movie tells three stories. Three different triangles but they all have the same theme LOVE. The theme is expressed in very particular ways. This movie moves you from laugh to think in all they ways you can love or that love is shown, felt and lived. This stories are compossed by and old married/divorced couple, a young man and his mom and a regular married couple. All in between you discovered what keeps them together and pulls them apart from each other all while they love in there own unique way.

The dialogue and photographic takes are fantastique. For me been a local I laughed so much cause they use so many regionalism phrases that you just can help but laugh away from begining to end. I loved the everything about it and well I totally identified myself with many of the things on the movie. But I feel I can't say too much cause it will bring many spoilers to those that havent seen it.

The other fact that I love is the use of known and unknown local and not so local artist [to name a few: Luis Guzman, Chavito Marrero, Miguel Angel Alvarez, Silvia Brito and Norman Santiago]. This in fact made the movie more intresting the mix of characters of old school actors and known actors with the new breed that will make history.

The movie have been praised by many people around US which is good but the most important thing is that this movie made puertoricans go to the theater to see movies made here. This was a little bit of a problem for the same reason I told before that people are used to see some kind of local movie that they end up thinking they are all the same. The other issue about this is that people are so used to hollywood movies that they ignore the local talent which is bad and wrong. So people now you know that there is more than this Vicente Castro films. I encourage you to GO and support them all the way. For our own good support local film makers.

Directed by Carlos Ruiz Ruiz and Mariem Perez Riera [their first movie]. Brilliantly written by Jorge Gonzales and Carlos Ruiz Ruiz. The soundtrack is good. It was completely filmed in Puerto Rico. This movie also represented Puerto Rico for the Oscars 2008 in the foreign catergory. The other movies that competed were Angel and El Clown. Produced by Benicio del Toro. Released february 14 of 2008. Also known as Lovesickness.