Earth Hour 2008

It started with a question:
How can we inspire people to take action on climate change?

The answer:
Ask the people of Sydney to turn off their lights for one hour.
Created to take a stand against the greatest threat our planet has ever faced, Earth Hour uses the simple action of turning off the lights for one hour to deliver a powerful message about the need for action on global warming. This simple act has captured the hearts and minds of people all over the world.

On 31 March 2007, 2.2 million people and 2100 Sydney businesses turned off their lights for one hour - Earth Hour. If the greenhouse reduction achieved in the Sydney CBD during Earth Hour was sustained for a year, it would be equivalent to taking 48,616 cars off the road for a year.

With Sydney icons like the Harbour Bridge and Opera House turning their lights off, and unique events such as weddings by candlelight, the world took notice. Inspired by the collective effort of millions of Sydneysiders, many major global cities are joining Earth Hour in 2008, turning a symbolic event into a global movement.

At 8pm on the 29 March 2008 millions of people in some of the world's biggest cities including Copenhagen, Toronto, Chicago, Melbourne, Brisbane, Tel Aviv and Manila will unite and switch off for Earth Hour.

Earth Hour 2007 was a Sydney event. Earth Hour 2008 is a global movement.

Earth Hour is about individual action and how together we can make a difference. YOUR participation will go a long way in spreading the message thatwe, as individual droplets working collectively - can create animpetus far more powerful than the mightiest of rivers.

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  1. Me parece una noticia fantástica!Yo en casa utilizo bombillas de bajo consumo y siempre que puedo utilizo velas, además de ecológico es más íntimo y espiritual. Aún así, yo también me apunto a la cita.

  2. check out this Earth Hour blog for even more information!

  3. I think this is something MORE people need to listen and read! We CAN make a difference, it is all about educating our peers and our families! I am totally down for this cause!

  4. Every day nature gives us many wonderful things.
    We have beautiful sunrises and sunsets,
    Beautiful full moons to sit by at nights,
    Wonderful oceans and seas to swim in,
    Rainforests to help us breathe,
    Even nature sounds to soothe and nurture us,
    To mention but a tew.

    Now time has come to give back the love and passion nature has has pampered us with.
    The Law of Attraction states that we must give to receive as does The Holy Bible and all other Spiritual Laws.

    Take part in Earth Hour, giving 60 minutes of your life for the millions of minutes Nature has given us is the least we can do.

    p.s. I am so proud of my birth place, Sydney Australia for giving birth to this wonderful concept and of Greece who currently ranks #1 in Europe concerning environmental awareness.
    Most of all I'm proud of you for supporting such a worthy cause.

  5. It was a beautiful event to see everyone participate in showing we care about energy. Use solar energy with products through

  6. Great idea and a wonderful post! We participated this year in Washington State and will do a larger scale effort in our community next year! Thanks, Australia, terrific idea!



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