August Rush

I just saw the movie August Rush. This movie tells the story of Evan Taylor later named August Rush [played by Freddie Highmore] a boy that is a genius and prodigy at music. He lives in an orphanage doesnt know anything about his parents, still he believes they are alive. He uses music to "call" them and to stay in touch with them somehow. He ends up attending Julliard with the help of some friends he mets along his quest.

Lyla Novacek [played by Keri Russell] is a young famous cellist player [that attends Julliard] and Louis Connelly [played by Jonathan Rhys Meyers] is a guitarist from Irland that is "touring" in NYC. They have this one night stand and never get back together. From that night Lyla gets preagnant from Louis and the rest is history.

You have to see it. At some point it might be predictable I wont lie to you. But the way they developed the whole story and goings between the main three characters is nicely done. The faithfulness of the kid toward his believes and dreams is amazing. He becomes from nothing to everything just because he believed. I like the whole meaning they give to the music in the movie. Like they are trying to explain how music is done, where it comes from, etc. Very emotional connection between music and soul.

Other characters pretty important and to watch in this movie are Mr. Jeffries [played by Terrence Howard] and The Wizard [played by Robin Williams]. On the music/soudtrack department I was in shock this guy Jonathan Rhys Meyers we have seen him in other movies but who knew he could sing that well. If he ever did a CD I will buy it loved his voice. So yeah the songs he plays on the movie is really him singing them no double needed. Keri Russell also plays cello if I am not mistaken. In the movie she also plays her parts for real.

The song "Raise It Up" was nominated for the Oscars this year. Written by Jamal Joseph, Charles Ray Mack (as Charles Mack) and Tevin Thomas and performed by Impact. The little girl [named Hope on the movie] that sings she haves an amazing voice so that have to be checked out too.

The movie was directed by Kirsten Sheridan. Screenplay by James V. Hart and Nick Castly. The story was developed by Paul Castro and Nick Castle. Runs for 114 minutes. It came out november 2007. Good for family fun and if you have a kid or young fellow that plays music please buy them this music and keep them having faith of what they love and to work it out and love music.

Hope: You remember how you said Mozart was a musical prod?
Rev. James: Prodigy.
Hope: Yeah, well, I've got one of those and he's living under my bed!