I just saw the movie Atonement. It is wonderful. Loved it. The characters were very well played and performed. The cast is great. It is late so I cant do my full review and in fact I liked it that much that I wont say that much about the movie. Just watch it whenever you can. I could even recommend you to read the book cause most of the times the book tells more details so I might add this one to my future reading list.

I just know one thing for sure I ended up hating Briony Tails [played by Saoirse Ronan]. That little bitch. I hope she never had a good life after all. Sorry but I hate her. I mean the character no wonder Saoirse Ronan was nominated for the Oscar well deserved, little girl. She was brilliant. Too much imagination I think. Way toooooo much. This is a lesson to those that believe in everything kids say. I mean please people kids have imagination so when you are saying something against an adult please DO have more evidence than the child words... thank you.

That is all for now. But do rent it. Enjoy the fun and the scenes etc.