Artist of the Month: Complejo

Artist of the Month: Complejo, [aka] Alvertigo o Alberto.

Albertico a 27 years old photographer comes all the way from Barcelona, España. His photographs are spectuacular. His ideas are surreal yet some times they seem normal, random and daily [well at least for me]. His uses people, gestures, places and objects in a brilliant way and dares yo to create a story with just one photo. His use of light and the absence of it is really impressive unique. You will always try figure out why he uses so much red in his photos. There is always a red detail somewere in most of them. Good angles and the color combination is very playful. I have been watching his photos for some time now and I never get tired of watching them. You are always left with the question: What will he do next? So you always have to check back to see what he been up to lately. I have been caught trying to look up why he give so unique names to his works, still after all this time havent figured that out either [I already gave up you don't have to understand it sometimes just enjoy it]. He usually makes 3-5 photos of the "same" subject/theme and developes it on them. I invite you to check his gallery and go on a visual trip with him.

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  1. Me gusta pero me echa hacia atrás también en algunas fotos. Me provoca ansiedad el uso del rojo en algunas instantáneas. Desgarrador. Gracias por el descubrimiento.
    Yo tengo un favorito, se llama Victoriano Izquierdo, tiene 17 años y creo que es un genio de la fotografía. Echa un vistazo en o en su web

    Ya me dices que te parece.
    Un abrazo!!


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