Arizona Trading

So like I mentioned here back on Trading February I was going to trade some art with people from the state of Arizona. I finally did all the stickers today. Just have to mail the stuff and make them be on the way to that part of the US. Looking forward to send Mr. MadOne025 package first since it is the one that haves more urgency in getting sent. Then when young Jinx [seems he is going thru a name changing crisis... now he is mr. fresh haha] tells me that the trade is on its way I will send mine. They might find out on the way to their new homes [haha.. stupid I know but it is cool... whatever].

MadOne025 trade is a clipboard named Loosen Up and I hope that it makes it to the Stiker Phiens 2008 . If it does you will see them I guess I will keep you posted on that matter. I am supposed to get back the clipboard making the arrangements for that to happen.

Jinx trade is also a clipboard named Take Note. I know he will like it a lot. I better send it to him cause I like that one very much and I am not sure if I sure send that one. Very confused you know you sometimes like too much something you do and it is hard to let it go so still wondering if I shold do another one and keep that one to myself. I think it is one of the best drawings I have done in quite some time.


  1. i think theyre great,,, nice work!

    im the ex-animala! haha Now im just bren,,, thats my name!

    i changed to, its just the same, only a difernet name...

    see you there! (commentin' in english how is that? haha)


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