Update on the Project Back to Life

This week I am giving it full time at last. Tomorrow I will start with the floor then the bed and the rest. When I go to the stores and I see something that might help me out organizing my room I get it. I went to Ft. Buchannan today and got this awesome storage boxes in plastic. It was 5 boxes 8x11 that you have to build up. The boxes were $7.99 and I got two packages so that would be 10 boxes so gorgeous and black. I also bought some magazine storage thingys. It is the same thing but for magazines. It also brings 5 in each packages, also black. I got them at $7.50 something like that. I also got some glass to put my pencils, markers on a desk. it will look so awesome all red, black and white. I need more money. Damn new computer [haha...] still have to pay like $345 of it. So if you want to see the changes along the week stay tuned. I just want to do my first mural on my bedroom then do another one on my "studio".