Trading February

Seems I am up for sticker trading again.

Exited cause I will soon get on my mail some stickers from Skopje, Macedonia thanks to Mrs. Ruki.

The 29 of Jan I got a message from MadOne from Phoenix, Arizona to tell me about an activity that will take place on the month of march at a local boutique/gallery and he will curate a sticker art show. He is inviting other artists and stickers makers. Will be contributing with some stickers and something extra I think. Will keep you posted on this subject cause I really want to be part of this. Made the arrangements with the guy and working on it. Visit his flicker account he haves mad paintings and graffiti. []

Yesterday my good friend Mrs. Shortie from New Hampshire will also trade stickers with me. we both have new ideas, new things to share. So yeah I am up for the game again with her. She also mention some interestings ideas to me if they become true you will also know cause I will keep you posted on this project too. []

Almost the same day that Shortie and I decided to trade again I get this message from young Jinx all the way from Arizona also wanted to do some trade but we will wont trade only sticker we will trade clipboards since he liked one of the ones I did months ago. []

This month of February I will be kind of busy. FINALLY!!!! I am thinking of bringing out more the ribbons and the skulls and mix them up with the queen and the cubes too. Not sure about how it will work but i feel they will go pretty well together. Also I am still on the customizing shoes thing if you are intrested let me know.