Sounds within the silence.

Went to bed cause there was no electricity in my house. It was 10pm that is too early for me to go to sleep. I normaly go to bed at 12am-1am most of the time. So yeah. I turn on the fan so when the electricity came back it just goes on refreshing the room. I already took my shower so I was so fresh and so clean. I waked up at 11pm cause I thought it was time to wake up. Go figure. Then out of the silence sounds appear in the room. I woke up trying to follow the sound. I noticed that the fan was working that could only mean on thing the electricity came back. Yeah! Still I havent figured out the sound or was I trying not to figure that out.

Then again I was waiting night after night for a reason to discuss in my mind what I would do. The sound was what I waited. I answered. After that the blissful moment when the right sound touched my heart. If i dont miss anything? Haven't felt this warmth running down my spine. My reason failed I let myself go. I got disturbed by my emotions. I wanted to failed. I needed to fail. So I did. Perhaps I am been used by my own desires and the moment got the best of me. Still I wanted to scream in the darkness. I wanted to do so much more. Still the silence reign in the room. Making echoes of the word spoken and those that I hush. The burning sensation of the touch in the soul. My spirit got confused my mind didn't respond. Still I was there. I was away. And I was here. In all places in all times. The present went so fast.

The minutes flied away. The fan blowing making the cold wind caress my warm skin. Sensitive at that point the emotions took over. I failed again to myself. I became your remedy. I just want to be more. I became your answer. I fought but I won. I conquered. I got what I deserved. The sounds kept running on my skin. Silence came back. I didn't stoped time. I hide under my sheets. I stare at the darkness. I smiled and laughed alone. I said goodbye, but didn't felt like letting go. I hold on to the words the promise of a tomorrow without sorrow. It was less than 30 minutes it felt like the whole night crawled in that room when the sounds shot down. The fan still blowing. The light is comming thru the window. The blinking started again. I smiled. Closed my eyes and faded with my dreams away.


  1. hola!! que bueno lo que escribiste y que bien que entendi todo! haha me gustó mucho, que bien escribes...
    Me vino en mente una canción que dice: "el mundo siempre queda y el que dice adios sos vos, yo sé que es complicado haber estado equivocado sabiendo, cayendo al precipicio reconoces tus errores y es tarde... cuanto tiempo puedes soportar,cuantas veces puedes perdonar, cuantas noches puedes no dormir si tus horas son las que se van.."
    Se llama Beta y es de un grupo argentino llamado Adicta. Gracias por las letras, la imaginacion, la sensibilidad.


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