Skulls & Chocolate

I saw this on another blog and a friend also send it to me via google reader [thanks Markus] and I couldnt resist to post it. Come on Skulls and chocolate in one place you HAVE to love it. Howcome no one else came up with this idea before?

Who came up with the idea?

Modern Alchemist Douglas Little & confectioner Valerie Gordon, drawn together by a mutual admiration for the quality and beauty of each other's creations, are pleased to debut the Mori Ex Cacao Collection 'death by chocolate'. Based on DL&Co's Memento Mori Collection, the exquisite skulls are rendered in bittersweet chocolate, filled with one of three delicious centers and then individually painted with colored cocoa butter to achieve the pristine, disturbing result.
If you intrested in buy this gorgeous chocolate skulls visit It is perfect for valentine and any ocassion. I would defenetly start to love valentine if someone gave this to me cause it means he means it [ha...ha...]. Only $40 each skull [one flavor] and the gift set $50 [brings one of every flavor '3']. The package is amazingly crafted and goes so darn well with the dark idea. I love it. Just don't drool over the keyboard like I almost did. ^^'

Available flavors include:

scorched caramel >> organic cream is slowly combined with sugar over an intense flame, until the deep amber confection appears. decadent.
bitter brandied cherry >> an exquisite and unusual confection of indulgent bitter chocolate, kirsch-perfumed ganache and succulent sour cherries steeped in liqueur, finished in porcelain white cocoa.
curious chili >> an eccentric array of chilies and spices are combined with the deepest chocolate into an exotic and exciting sensation, with a heat that lingers long after the chocolate is gone. an extraordinary experience.