Possible Pets.

I am not a huge animal lover but I do respect them and give them the space. I always wanted a dog or a ferret. Still those two are like hard to keep so maybe a gerbil will make it at the end to my house.

Why I can have a dog? Because I dont have time for him and I wouldnt like to leave him alone. They need love, attention, to play, space, food, etc. If I know I cant provide any of those I wont have it. I wont have a dog just to say that I have one. I have been looking around in dog related pages a few months ago. I found that the best dog for me would be a chihuahua or a pug. I like the chihuahua cause it is small. I could take mostly anywhere it doesnt eat a lot of food etc. I love the pug but on my research I discovered that if I had a female pug I would have to take her to the vet when she gives birth cause she cant deliver the babies on her own and the females have other issues regarding health that I couldnt afford sadly. But I could have a male pug it is less complicated it seems. Still I wont buy any of them for now maybe in some far away future I will.

Other pet I would like to own are Ferrets. Yes, ferrets. A frind of mine haves one he took him to school once. Such lovely creatures. My friend ferret died months ago due to health issues and he loved that guy very much. It died after an operation. Here in Puerto Rico are ilegal. So I cant have one or I shouldnt have one. Anyways they wont even notice if my friend got his at US and his ferret made it to the plane here in PR, I dont think they would even notice [haha]. they are cute playful and very active. I would like to have one of those fellas but the ilegal thing is the main problem.

I think I should get a gerbil instead. I also checked their information and are easy to handle and to take care of. They are daylights animal so they are quite at night Important things. Also I read they have to be with people of same sex unless I want to have a nursery cause they can have like 12 in a year so no I am not to take care of lots of gerbils only one for now. Still my mom hates rodents. I want one fot this. Soon. They are all cute anyways. I still have my cockatiels and I love them but I can grab them cause they might fly away.