"Anywhere is possible"

About the movie I like the characters. Tells the story of Davey that discovers that he is a jumper after some issues girl related, Then when he realize the gift he haves he starts robbing banks. By doing this he affords the life style he haves for some years. Then he is discovered by Griffin [love his accent] in London and they become "friends" or fight buddies against Roland.

Didn't get the movie/son drama cause again they don't explain anything at all. The only one that gives a little information on the issue is Griffin when he explains the paladin vs jumper thing but besides that there is no more info. I would love to be a jumper. The story is like wack cause they dont explain why or how you become a jumper but well it is a movie after all.

I like the snowball scene that was nice. I envy him just because he can go anywhere. At the end it felt that this will have a sequel because of all the lose ends. I mean when it was over I was like thats it? Seems he haves to fight mom next time since he left Roland on the middle of nowhere. Just watch the movie if you have nothing else to do or wait to come out to rent. Best thing about the movie the cast... and the effects when they jump. Ah check the soundtrack too, dont rememeber who was on it but I did enjoyed it. [haha]

Directed by Doug Liman. Screenplay by David S. Goyer and Jim Uhls. The cast Hayden Christensen as David Rice, Samuel L. Jackson as Roland, Diane Lane as Mary Rice, Jamie Bell as Griffin and Rachel Bilson as Millie. The movie goes for 90mins. Came out feb 14 2008

Davey: Why are you walking?
Griffin: I like walking for a change! Makes
me feel normal.