It is air. No, not just air. Macbook Air.

This seems to be an almost obligatory post. I dont like Mac products at least computer related because like I have said many times I love the way they look but they are not so user friendly as the PC. I use to have a Mac and I have used them too. They look pretty made you feel like chic and all but when you cant find the button to turn on your computer cause it is at the back and you have all this cables attached to it, etc, you star not liking it. You always have to buy that extra something to make them work like a PC. The Air in fact comes with no CD/DVD so you have to work that out some way. Go and buy more stuff on Itunes this means you dont need to have a CD/DVD when you can buy it from us, right? That is the in between the lines of this no CD/DVD issue.

Yes it is thin. Yes it fits on an envelope [WOW!!]. Yes it is gorgeous in any color, but beautiful is emtpy like a song used to say. That is just my humble opinion. Sorry Mac lovers. If you are carefull with your regular notebook, laptop whatever you have to be EXTRMELY carefull with your Macbook Air because it is thin and it is way to fragile. Wonder how they made it thinner remember it doesnt come with cd/dvd thing so you dont have that space that is what makes it thinner. [haha.... brill!!, not!]

Steve Job and his ideas of making the world trendier above more userfriendly. I wonder how many will have to buy a new one cause it just broke because it was too thin. [HAHA!] Yes I am hating, deal with it. So Steve What is next? A bendable macbook that you can put on your wallet and have a breifcase with all the applications needed to make it work.

Description of the Macbook Air.

MacBook Air is nearly as thin as your index finger. Practically every detail that could be streamlined has been. Yet it still has a 13.3-inch widescreen LED display, full-size keyboard, and large multi-touch trackpad. It’s incomparably portable without the usual ultraportable screen and keyboard compromises.

El MacBook Air es casi tan fino como tu índice. Prácticamente todos los detalles que podían perfeccionarse, se han perfeccionado. Así, presenta pantalla LED panorámica de 13,3 pulgadas, teclado completo y un enorme trackpad con tecnología Multi-touch. Es incomparablemente liviano y no padece los sacrificios de pantalla y teclado típicos de otros ultraportátiles.

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