The Grammy Wrap

The grammy were on sunday.
This is my review on that matter.
I am glad they are over.
Many things happen.

The first thing I saw was Kanye West tribute to his mother and having MAMA writing on his head was nice [as a son honoring his mom not as a trend, thank you]. The duo of Beyonce with Tina Turner was spectacular. Tina still haves the damn moves and jumping around on those heals I trully admire her just because of that [video here]. Love the what Kanye did when they put the music while he was talking. I always say that is lack of respect. I know you are running out of time and all but please stop that, damn it. Makes you feel like shit and dont want to be heard like we dont care what you have to say so move out the stage. I know there are some times you REALLY have to do that, but come on, please. Kanye well done kid, well done you have my blessing. [check this link to see it]

I didn't saw the whole show but I think I missed the part of some kid singing Let it be from The Beatles and I missed that. So I went to youtube and OMG!!! that kid kicked ass big time with that song. Of course I saw that is the same kid that is on the movie Across the Universe. This movie haves an amazing soundtrack. The kid name is Timothy T. Mitchum and the lady names is Carol Woods. [Told you it was good. Check the video. It seems that after uploading this got messed up so the lady isnt lip singing ok hte videos is just behind] Foo Fighters also did a great job on their performance outside the Staples Arena and won the Best Hard Rock Performance with The Pretender. Very powerfull and loud one joined with the Grammy Philharmonic Orchestra —led by Led Zeppelin's John Paul Jones.

Other great performance was Ms. Winehouse. I know she is a junkie [but honestly the beatles, the doors, all that people were junkies too so come on... dont forget whitney houston] but she deserves a chance. She was nominated for 10 grammy and won 5 of them. Brilliant her performance. She performed via satellite from London cause her visa didnt made it to the date of the event. God Bless technology. I enjoyed pretty much her performance cause people she does got the voice and the skills to play it in anyways she cans or likes. Thing that most young singers cant do not even on her good days. I just hope that she sees that she can do it and really attend rehab and put her husband far away from her. I sure hope to listen from Amy Winehouse more and more on the years to come and that she doesnt end up like Janis or Jimi. Oh! Loved her face of pure surprise when Tony Bennet and Natalie Cole announced her as the winner of Record of the Year. Her face was priceless she couldn't believe it. Her mums beside her and all very happy gal. Also said something about Camden but didn't knew what it was until today that it seems that some fire burned up some houses and people were left homeless. Good girl gone bad for real Amy.

Many surprises like a jazz album won album of the year and that didnt happens in like 43 years. So congrats to Herbie Hancock and his "River: The Joni Letters". The Joni mentioned here is Joni Mitchell. She is a songwriter with a great and unique voice. I knew about her existance thanks to the movie Love Actually. This album was against "Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace," Foo Fighters [rock], "These Days" Vince Gill [country], "Graduation" Kanye West [hip hop] and "Back to Black" Amy Winehouse. Very mixed up the category.

By the way I have to say that Puerto Rico got two Grammy that night also. Black Guayaba won Best Latin Rock for their "No Hay Espacio". the other nominees for this category were Jarabe de Palo "Adelantando", Panda "Amantes Sunt Amentes", Rabanes "Kamikaze" and Zoé "Memo Rex Commander Y El Corazón Atómico De La Via Láctea". About time guys and congratulations. I hope this helps other local bands to keep dreaming and working hard to make rock en espanol made in Puerto Rico what it was before GREAT. I cant wait to see more bands on that category.

Calle 13 won Best Latin Urban Album for their "Residente O Visitante". The ohter nominees for this category were Akwid "E.S.L.", Daddy Yankee "El Cartel: The Big Boss", Tego Calderon "El Abayarde Contra-Ataca" and Fulanito "Vacaneria!". Congrats to the winners I am happy for Calle 13 cause even with all the hate they get from regeton fans or whatever they do make lyrics that you can apply to all latino america like in Pal Norte even when we dont have to cross the border with so much trouble we can relate somehow to the issues cause we are latinos and even with the "advantage" of being a colony of US some dont like us. That is the truth like ir or not. But this subject is too long so anyways... Congrats and keep making such good music.

Congrats to all the winners and those that didnt made it hey remember you were a nominee that is just as cool as winning so don't be sad and dont make a drama about it. I just cant wait for the Grammy Latino. I hope I remember to watch them. [haha]