Grammy Amnesia*

When I came online this morning I saw that MSN had a list of 21 people that were forgotten by the Grammy. Thing is that Grammy turns 50 this year and they are celebrating it the only way it can be celebrated, BIG. But this article is good and got me reading actually an MSN news cause it is true. Those artists were forgotten by the academy and guess what they are the most loved artists by the people and today even when some of them have died we still talk about them and listen their music. I noticed that most of the left behinds were eternally loved rock bands. Strange, right? Not so. The academy [for what I see] didn't liked that so much [rock music]. I think cause when I saw the list they put up they left the biggest rock artists of the world. There are like just two that doesnt really fit in but well what can I do.

I have to be honest. I dont like too much the grammies this days. I being a latina never understood how in the world none of the latino artists ever won a tropical music category and if they did ever won in the latino category they never made it to the stand they always show it on a little side/corner of the TV after of before the shows stars after the commercials this here is NOT fair. Thanks God we have latin grammys and we can talk in spanish or we can't but we dont't care about that [HAHA!!] The catagories for the latino audience are Best Latin Pop Album (Vocal or Instrumental.), Best Latin Rock Or Alternative Album, Best Latin Urban Album, Best Tropical Latin Album, Best Mexican/Mexican-American Album, Best Tejano Album, Best Norteño Album and Best Banda Album.

That is another thing I never ever understood. Latin pop, Ok. Latin Rock, Super OK. Latin Urban they won that so yeah Ok. Now Best Mexican/Mexican American Album, Tejano, Norteño and Banda. What the hell? Those are four categories for only one latino audience mexicanos. What happen to Merengue, flamenco, salsa, musica de trios, ballenato, cumbia and all that. I bet they still believe that despues de mexico everybody sings mariachi and guess what NOT true at all. I dont blame mexicans cause they have nothing to do with this. I just blame the academy. Besides there are many styles of latin music like the one from Spain, Puerto Rico, Colombia, Cuba even Mexico they left the mariachis out of the nominations. Maybe that is why they gave us our won grammies but before they actually recognize we need our own side. What happen? That will always be a mystery.

Anyways back to the topic and sorry but I had to write that down before I forget it. Here is the list of the artists the academy forgot. Led Zeppelin, Neil Young, The Beach Boys, Jimi Hendrix, The Who, Allman Brothers Band, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Grateful Dead, James Brown, Queen, Diana Ross, 2Pac, Bob Dylan, David Bowie, The Doors, Rolling Stones, Madonna, Bob Marley & The Wailers, 50 Cents [wtf?], Jessica Simpson [again, wtf?] and The Byrds.

*amnesia: [A noun] 1. amnesia, memory loss, blackout


  1. Eso sucede porque quienes conceden los premios saben demasiado de markting y poco de música.
    Un beso

  2. si ademas no creo que por que ellos digan o seleccionen tal o cual ganador basado en rankins! ii mea ellos tienen su derechos a central sus premios en la cultura popular, yo considero que eso e sproblemas d ellos! de lo contrario estaria toda mi vida quejandome d eque no mencionen a mis artistas (que ni sus madres saben que hacen musica!) asi que em limito a escucharlos e ir a sus modestos conciertos en bares! AUNQUE ADMITO TAMBIEN BAJO SU MUSICA EN LUGAR D ECOMPRARLA EN MUCHOS CASOS U_U*


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