Blogger del dia [the prize winners]

Yesterday Veronica known as la-inmigrante-espanola gave me the prize/award of blogger del dia. What is this blogger del dia thing? Well it is a title/award/nomination/gift that people give to blogs that they think are good, that they enjoy, visit frequently. By giving this to others you make other people know and find good stuff around the blogging community.

The idea is to make your blogging experience a good one and that you find things that get your attention and share it with the rest of the community. I hope that this is the right reason dont know if I explained it well. Anyways after you receive your title/award or nomination you have or should nominate 12 blogs of your choices for this award/title/etc. Again by doing this we grow and learn from others. Dont know if I shall notify all the people that I gave the nomination to but I will try to get them all.

Death+Taxes this blog is the one I visit the most. It belongs to a dear friend and he tells his side of the story. Sharing his own ideas, frustrations, admirations, love and all in between with photos, writings and many other things that life brings. [in spanish]

La Inmigrante Espanola Vero's blog about her new life in Germany. Found it by using the navigator and got stuck till today. She writes about daily details/things that can make you feel sometimes happy, sad, excited or confused when you are in a new country. She also describes place and things that I remember when I went to Germany. [in spanish]

4to Blanco This blog is formed by a group of artists and they share amazing photographs to express their ideas or visions with the rest of the world. No words needed but you might see some around the blog. Been visiting for a long time this one.

On my desk this blog is about artists from around the world and their working spaces. Artists submits photos of their studios, offices, desks, etc. You can really see were the magic happens and the tools to make it happen. I have been inspired by some of those spaces and look forward to make my space/studio look and feel like home more than a working place. Been visiting for a long time too. [in english]

Gabi Campanario Illustrator Gabi Campnario shares his daily sketches. I enjoy watching his work and reading the details, descriptions and notes he writes around the sketches. [in english and spanish]

Aerosol Just discovered this one recently. Haves history and information about graffiti, street and urban art. Huge compilation of photos, artists and more graffiti related things direct from Spain.


  1. Oh God!! Two prizes in two days...I wonder if I really deserve it ;-P
    And yes, you explained it perfectly!
    Please, please, keep on your blog, I really love it!!

  2. holaaa chica! gracias por la nominacion! sabes que este blogs esta enteramente a tu disposicion! al iguqal como disfruto el tuyo! gracias!" besote!!!!

  3. Muchas gracias, de parte de 4toblanco!


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