Artist of the Month: Ivan Petrushevski

This month artist is Ivan Petrushevski but you might know him as Flim. Student of Art History in Skopje, Macedonia. He is 22 years old [twin brother to Jovan also feature here on The Blog link]. His main character is a bear with no name but lots of cuteness and emotions. He also have other characters boys, girls, skulls and others in bear outfits too. Skilled on graffiti, vectors/digital art , stickers and paintings. His vector works are simple but very well made. His pallete is very colorfull most of the time. Met him on thru brother. His works have been part of expositions around Skopje too. On his spare time enjoys films and trip-hop music. I personally enjoy his works because of the colors, and the characters. he combines them pretty well uses fatlines to difine them [thing that i enjoy]. His favorite color is yellow you will see that when you go to his gallery [link provided below]. His work can give you a spontaneous moment of happiness and might take you back to your childhood.