Across the Universe.

Back in August 2007 I posted here about this movie Across the Universe and yesterday I FINALLY got to see the movie. My dad rented it probably cause I mentioned it to him cause the movie didn't make it the movie theater here in PR. So sad I know. But anyways we have plenty of place to rent movies. [thanks God]. I went to bed at 4am cuase I had to watch it. but this time I also took photos of the movie so that would make them stills from from the movie them I took more than a 1,000 photos and only 224 made the cut. [haha]

I thing that I cant describe the movie completely but it is GREAT. You have to see it even if you dont care about the beatles. The movie is a masterpiece great work by the director Julie Taymor and to the writers Dick Clement and Ian La Frenais. The costume, lets not even talk about the soundtrack. Perfect soundtrack. The people represented here Janis, Jimi great work there even in the outfits they matched the timeline [for what I have seen about the epoque]. Joe Cocker is even in the movie playing a bum, a pimp and a crazy hippie. Lets not forget Mr. Bono from U2 crazy Doc on the film. It is amazing overall. You can even see the art influence on the movie represented on the character of Jude well played by Jim Sturgess. The girl Lucy played by Evan Rachel Wood symbolized so many things too. You see her growing in the film every minute of it. All the characters develop thru the movie very well even Prudence played by T.V. Carpio.

Photographicly speaking gosh they made that movie so great. The takes the changes everything. That is the main reason why I took photos while the movie was running cause I know there were some good takes as a photgraphy issue. Dont know maybe it is just me but I loved that. Well enough with the movie. Just see it and buy it. Also get the freaking soundtrack it is gorgeous. All we need is love. Not true but we do need love it is not all we need but yeah it does work when we have it and use it.

Now this slideshow could be a spoiler so you have been warn. It haves 224 pictures on it so stay for a while if you want to see it all. It is like a storyboard of the movie my way. [haha] Enjoy.