10 items or less

My dad rented this movie some weeks ago. it tells the story of an actor that havent work in four years and he goes to a regular market to do some research on the character he is about to play on his new movie. This part is played by Morgan Freeman as himself. The character Freeman will portray is the movie is a store manager. When he gets to the store he starst looking and feeding from the people, and stuff in the supermarket. He sees Scarlet the girl that works on the 10 items or less line on the supermarket. He stands besides her and watches every moves she makes as in studying her. Scarlet is played by Paz Vega.

After she ends of her shift at the store they go on a 'road trip' to discover themselves with the help of each other. Scarlet is tired of her job and is looking up for a new one. Morgan helps her out on this issue and they both and learn from each others needs as humans while they are on this selfstudying and knowing myself trip. This movie deals with people and human relationships, dealing with our own fears and mistakes and how to work them out. Morgan Freeman and Paz Vega work wonderfull together.

I liked and enjoy this film very much. Pretty simple situation that you can relate to. People of moments in your life that can change it in just a day for the rest of your days. Thas is what this movie is about. The part when they do their 10 items list is brilliant and we all should do this list. Go ahead get on the line and pick your 10 items or less.

Directed and written by Brad Silberling. The cast Morgan Freeman as Himself, Jonah Hilla as Packy, Paz Vega as Scarlet [love her accent] and Kumar Pallana as Lee [love this character too very true and unique]. Also cameo appereance by Danny DeVito as himself. The movie goes for 82 min. It was shot in two weeks in Carson, California. It came out in december 2006.

Male Receptionist: You made me want to be a woman.
Him [MF]: I have that effect on people.


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