Tuning into nowdays music

Listening to this albums this days.

1. I heard many comments about In Rainbows from Radiohead. I have to confess that the only song I ever heard from them that I remember is Creep which is wonderful but besides that nop nothing else. From this album the song I like so far is Jigsaw Falling Into Place. Very good song fits so well in my life now.

2. Sawdust from The Killers. Didn't even knew they had a new cd out. I did some research and it contains some some music from the olders cds and new tracks also some covers I think. I know I will like it cause I really enjoy their music.

3. D-Sides from Gorillaz. Now this wasn't expected. Why? I am part of the members HA! I never check my email from them shame on me. Anyways it haves two cds the first one with new songs and the second one are remixes of songs from the other albums. This will be interesting.