Total: $16.32

This morning I got up at 5:30am and went with my boss to the airport [we have only one international airport in case you are wondering which one] cause she was taking her mother there. After we checked her up on the airline and everything we went to the cafeteria and to eat some breakfast. I get the tray and tell the guy I wanted some scrambled eggs with ham, some bacon and pancakes. He gently enough ask me if I wanted syrup and butter to what I replied yes please. I went to the fridge to get something to drink and checked out they had arizona iced tea but the little cans [15.5 .oz] (havent seen those on the street here sadly).

I was happy had my bacon my arizona so I went to the register to pay for my breakfast. The lady says it is $16.32. I was like... WHAT? and she says "-Yeah I know expensive, right? I was like Yeah but well I can't return the food, right? [really long *sighhhhhhh*]. SO i went to the table and didnt ate the scramble egg cause it was human made the one they just add water [YUK!!!]. I ate all the bacon [that was good]. I drank the arizona iced tea. The pancakes couldn't eat them they were like big crakers but with out taste even with the syrup and butter [HORRIBLE].

Below you will see an actual photo of the service and the ticket. I can't believe I paid $3.25 for 15.5 .oz of arizona tea when I get the 24 .oz for $0.99 anywhere. So I could buy 6 big ones for the $6.50 that I paid for this two... Ripoff!! but then again it is the airport.

What i learned?
Stick to the MacDonald BigBreakfast Deluxe, any Subway breakfast and all the rest of the junk food. Honestly. If we had walked a little further heaven doors would be open for us in any of those restaurants and I already knew what to expect and what I was going to pay for it.