Tokio Hotel

As I do everyday I go blogging around and what did I learned today that there is a band named Tokio Hotel. No they are not japanese, [that is what I thought for obvious reasons] they are German yes from Germany. The band members are Bill Kaulitz [lead singer], Tom Kaulitz[lead guitar - he is older than Bill for 10min "wow!!"], Georg Listing [bass player] and Gustav Schäfer [drumer]. They have been around since 2005. Huge on Germany, Austria and now spreading all around with their english album Scream [Schrei].

So know that I have given you a little info I will now say what I think about them... THEY SUCK!!!!! I can't stand them. Just knew about them today and I already can't stand them. Sorry fans but I cant get them. I mean look at Bill he is gorgeous dont get me wrong he looks like a freaking 13 years old girl well emo girl. Cause yeah they are emo too. Nothing against the emos but please. Check Bill hair, then Tom is the dread guy with the gangsta look the only normal people there are Georg and Gustav. By the way he can not sing at all. Sadly they are on tour right now but I can happily say that they are not comming here soon. I cant say the same about US cause it seems they will go soon the the states I think.

Just listen to this tracks of the band.

English - Through the Moonson German - Durch den Monsun