Project Back to Life

This project will be called Salvation. Just beacuase we all need some of it and it goes well with my situation. The room needs to be safe. I use to love to be on my room but now I hardly even go there. I can barely walk in it. I wont paint it but I will make it feel like home and the shelter it used to be for me. My life is there and it kinds of refelcts my actual mood. Lost, untamed, and trashy. That haves to change.

I promised to myself that I would make a new years resolution that I will just do the things on the way they showed up. So this is the time to have a project. Right now I have two rooms. One were I paint or used to paint and now I sleep in it too. The other room used to be my bedroom but it is quite full of things that I dont use anymore. I have been trying to pick up the pieces but dont know where to start. Later on you will see way when I get to the pictures.

This weekend I had a few arguements with myself and other things so I decided it is time for me to trow away not some stuff but EVERYTHING that I dont use. The things that I dont use but I need to keep them due to the sentimental value they carry will be put in another place I guess. But first thing first. After that I plan to make it a another guest room. This house haves three rooms, kitchen, 1 bathroom, livingroom and a terraza. It is huge for me and the floor is white ceramic which I totally hate cause everything is seen on the floor way too high mantainance but I didnt choose the tile.

The plan is start from the floor then the shelves and boxes, then the closet and other things. The shades are going off, all the boxes are going off too. But this will take time. I plan to take photos of the process. You might ask why I do this and I am doing just because I need to. URGENTLY!!!. This year things HAVE to change or I am out. Yes I am out.


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