Happy Three Kings Day

Yes we have three kings day tomorrow. We got this from Spain so we have been celebrating this even before we celebrate Mr. Claus [lets say 300 year before him]. Note that the Three King day is the first holiday we have but due to the time issue it seems that Mr. Claus is before him. The idea is get grass and put it on the side of your bed on a box for the camels [ha we dont have camels here but the imagination haha].

Story says the Three Kings are in reference to the kings that went to visit Jesus when he was born and gave him gifts well the same things appplies here they "leave" gifts besides your bed. So when you wake up in the morning you are supposed to have gifts there.

I think that this gifts should be the best ones for many reason:

1. It is the first holiday of the year
2. It is the oldest holiday we celebrate and more traditional for the latinos like us.

I guess those two are the most solid reasons why the Three King day gifts should be so much better than Mr. Claus gifts. But blame it on the media and people that goes along with it. Anyway Happy Three King Day [happy trikin day 'as we say in Puerto Rico'].

Have fun and gather up with your family again que todavia faltan las octavitas HA HA!!! Yeah I made the doodle some days ago.