The friends with the dead guy on the chair.

Last night when I was about to go off to bed and rest for today I saw the news and they had this report on this guys [David J. Dalaia and James O'Hare] that traveled around Manhattan streets with his dead friend [Virgilio Cintron] cause they were taking him to a check-cashing store so they could change his social security check. I was going to post something about this last night but I was tired so I decided to do this today after I read some more info about this weird and wicked story.
So, yeah 3 guys living together [they are on their 60 years] and one of them dies and the other two dress him up all dead so they could change his social security check. And no they couldn't use a wheelchair [Ha! no! we are in New York baby] they used a red office chair to take the dead guy to the check-cashing store.

First, why they took him there? Well the store cashier told them that in order for him to change the check the owner had to be there cause the cashier knew this guys [David J. Dalaia and James O'Hare] were none of the owners so they went back to the apartment and took the dead guy with them. The guy [Virgilio Cintron] died of natural causes but that didnt stop them. All of the people involved the dead guy and his friends had records on the police.

A cool or interesting detail is that there were people on the street [cause hey it is Manhattan not some town with no people] so we are talking that more than 300 people could possibly saw this guys dealing with the dead guy on the red office chair. I just wonder what people thought when they saw this picture. Some even said they didnt even think the guy on the chair was dead. Even the policeman [Detective Travis Rapp] that was eating lunch at the moment he saw the guys and made the calls upon them but at first he thought it was a joke or a movie [again it is New York anything can happen there and they just proved that didnt they].
At about the same time, Rapp spotted the men and confronted them as they were trying to haul the body into the store. He said that even after he identified himself as a police officer, O'Hare told him, "I have to get my friend in here. I have to cash his check."

He ordered the men to back away from the victim. They feigned surprise when paramedics declared him dead, Rapp said.

"When they said, 'Your friend is dead,' they said, 'Oh my God, he's gone?'"

In the end the guys were arrested for fraud. I would arrest them for stupidity... How in the world you are going around the streets with a DEAD GUY!!!!! And you try to rob the guy even when he is dead. Please!!! It seems we have seen nothing yet and this is just the beging of the year. Just 10 days of the year and we have dead guys crusing on NY street with his friends. HA!

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