Fiestas de la Calle San Sebastian

Every year we celebrate the feast of Saint Sebastian (20th January). St Sebastian who was a martyr of the early Christian movement during the height of Roman Empire, was put to death, fired upon by arrows. He was the son of a wealthy Roman family and was educated in Milan. He was also an officer of the Imperial Roman army, and captain of the guard,also a favorite of Emperor Diocletian. During Diocletian's persecution of the Christians, Sebastian visited them in prison, bringing them comfort and food.

This is the number 38 of this activity which means this have been done for the same amount of years. It have become a tradition in Puerto Rico. It gathers people from all around the country and even outside Puerto Rico normaly travelers and tourists. You can find art work of some of the artesanos, painters, sculptors, crafters, etc. This art can be bought mostly on the daylight so you can really see and take time to check all that this activity haves to offer. At night you can just go partying around la calle San Sebastian and all the other streets around El viejo San Juan. It is like a Mardi Gras but in Puerto Rico. This festivities are hold on the days near the 20th of january which is the day of the saint. This year they went from thursday 17 until saturday 21 of january. They were dedicated to Ricky Martin cause of his.

I went last night go the train at Martinez Nadal station in Guaynabo then got to Sagrado Corazon station where I gather up with some of my friends. At Sagrado Corazon station we got the bus that would take us to Old San Juan. Onnce there we started walking around the streets. The name of some of the places we went to are Cafe Seda, El Batey, Rest. El Jibarito and Cafetin Marrero. This photos and videos were taken at las Fiestas de la Calle San Sebastian to somehow show what we did, saw, ate and went thru while on the festivities.