Cloverfield [aka: 1-18-08]

There wasnt too much information on what the movie was about around the internet. The style of presenting the whole mysterious concept worked very well. This is a must see movie. I had my doubts cause like I said no one knew and everybody wante to know about it.

I remember that I saw some videos on youtube some time ago [like months ago maybe 6 not sure I think it was more] and they were discussing the monster. The movie didnt even had a title it was called 1-18-2008 becuase that was the date on the pics that they had on the site of the movie. The site only had like 3 maybe 4 pics giving "hints" about what the movie was about. Everyone wanted to know if it was godzilla or any of those other monsters. They even tried to do stuff with the pics on the site like to find more clues or tips. But I think nothing ever worked out. Still people stayed making theories, stories, plots, etc.

I mean I cant even resume the movie [ha ha] but I loved it. The takes were so great and the shooting of it was amazing. You really think you are there running around in NYC trying not to get killed but this THING that is destroying the city for "no reason". It seems that there will be a second part don't know. If they ever try to pull that they will have to work that pretty hard but it can surely be done. No doubt.

I just have one request. Please stop destroying NYC they are many other cities that can be destroyed [ha ha ha]. I guess people like to see NYC ruined and damaged. Not sure. There is no soundtrack, didn't need it. Oh! I want the camcorder that Hud [one of the charcters] had. The one they used to "film" the movie. That camcorder is the shit, long lasting batteries, night vision, optical zoom is fantastic and the light feature for darker places works pretty well too.

Go watch the movie people. WATCH it! Eat before the movie starts you might let the soda fall. I wont even put the trailer... you go and see it. It is insane.