Campbells w/ Lays.

This is sad. I havent got paid in like two weeks. Now I am working but well I havent got paid like I just said. So I dont have so much income to buy a nice order of chicken and rice that I love and miss. Ahhh the taste. Anyways tomorrow I will get paid but I'm not going to work I am spending some time with my family. Thing is that I was talking with some friends on msn and they asked me what I was doing. I was having lunch I told them. So then they as what I am having for lunch [here is were the title comes in] I said I am having Campbell's Chicken Noodle Soup with Lays Original Potato Chips. Ehh.. Yeah that. It tastes good really good and it is cheap what makes it perfect for me. Check the pics. Ohh one thing if you can't eat food high on sodium dont try this cause it might harm you. You have been warned.