Back to Metro. Back to Reality.

Yes. I came back home yesterday from my vacations. I had a good time the place we stayed at was empty there were like 4 familys staying and it have space for like 104 families so you do the match. On the pics that I have uploaded all this days you can see the place. We had the pool all for ourselves but it was cold so we didnt got it, even with the sun it didnt got warmn. I didnt even dare to go to the beach for the same cold issue. Besides we all went to relax.

I slept all the days in a hammock outside on the balcony of the room. The pics are uploaded too here. We went to many places around the south and southwest coast. Took lots of pics that I have already uploaded. I uploaded them daily so I think you already saw them. I still have to upload the ones of the day we came back that we went to the beach to at least say we saw it. So it was fun the sea got pretty high blame it on the weather. The sun was hitting us very badly so I was glad I only went there to take pics of the shore and the things around it like some building rocks, sand, people, etc.

I took time to think out some stuff trying to sort out my ideas about many things that are running around my mind. I got the answer for somes the others will be a long process to get over them or just go along with them. I still care for some subjects. I really do and wish just the best for that situation. I am understanding that it had to be like it had to be that there is nothing we could do to make it work or happen so off with that. Keep it simple that is all we have to do.

Oh! I can't leave this behind. While I was on my vacation the day before we came back we went to the town of Guanica [not the municipality 'cause we are already there' but to the old part of the town] to take pictures at el malecon and stuff. My dad parks the SUV on a side and I get down to take some photos. I cross the street and then I noticed I couldnt get the photo I wanted from there so I stand on the side and then an SUV stops right besides me and there it was an old me driving. I said well maybe he is making a stop but no he asked me if i was hanging around there and I was like ehhh yeah I am. Then he asked if I was having a good time around and I said yeah. At that moment i was like what the hell does he wants to know? So this old man asked me if he could take me for a ride around the town and I was like ehh NO... then he asked again and I said no I am ok. So he just said goodbye and left. I mean my family was like 2 feet away from me so I wasnt alone. It was daylight like 1pm in the afternoon and he dares to ask a stranger if he can show her the town around. I freaked out. I was so sad I didnt got his license plate damn it. I was in shock and couldnt believe it.

I felt like if he did it to me and I am nothing like any of those gorgeous girls he could have done it with any school girl, since near the place are some schools [middle and high school]. I just wish I did got those numbers. I wondered how many times he have done that and if he ever got advantage of any girl or whatever. Things today arent peaches and cream so you have to be like thinking all the bad stuff first. I would gladly report him to the police so they could have an eye on him. An old man doing that. What have this world come to. This never happend to me on the metro area where most of the people would think things like this could happen. So this part kind of ruined that day. Well it left me worried.

Then anyways I got home yesterday and hell went loose again. Gosh I wanted to go back to the peacefull time but well some other day or maybe next time I shall stay working. Take note that I didnt miss the traffic, the horns, the people, nothing just my work. I wish I was sleeping under the stars on the hammock watching the sunrise again and again. I surely will miss that and your voice, that is all I need sometimes. Nothing else.