Aprendi a tragarme la depresion con cerveza.

"Aprendi a tragarme la depresion con cerveza."

Yeah I know that the title is in spanish but the thing is that I was listening to this song and that line just resumed my feeling. Just hit play you will like it. This line was taken from the song Pa'l Norte by Calle 13 from Puerto Rico. Cause in some way we are all inmigrants when we feel we don't belong. Just the way I feel now. [check the video below]

First day of january and I have been questioned about if I do want to or if I dont want to. What the hell? I mean I tried not to write down any ranting post but here I am writing one. Got on my nerves tonight. Had to explain what I shouldn't be explaining shit. Just be glad I still care. Yeah! I do but don't judged me dude. Please don't do that. Not now. I am pretty sensitive this past few weeks.

The last thing I need is someone asking me that. So stop. Don't push my buttons and make me cry cause I am just too stressed out thanks to many other shit. This new year I am trying to overcome your shit and my own shit so stop it.

*SIGH* -now I reset-

I rest on the promise that I will grow into a new human. I need to drink something, honestly. I need some of that shit. Ahhhh! Thanks for making my night so powerfull and mystic. You want freedom but are not able to pay the fucking price of it. I have been always this way. Don't act like I never told you.