Albino Cockatiels

I got them as a gift. Two amazing and full grown gorgeous albino cockatiels back in 2005 for my birthday. A couple male and female. The female laid 7 eggs. From those 7 eggs, 5 were born. They grew up and became gorgeous too. I hand feed all of them with the help of the parents. They are good parents I have to say. They never left them unattended but since some were bigger they took most of the food so I ended up hand feeding them all at the end. It was a lot of work but a very lovely work.

Anyways that was back in 2005. Those five birds grew very well and after they were big enough to be on their own I sold four of them. People think they are cheap but this babies can run for more than $100 each, but since I am not a certified or whatever cockatiel owner people were like no way. Anyways I sold four of them it is hard to keep them all if you are not into the bird business. So the one that I kept for myself was the small one cause it survived he almost died thanks to his fellows he almost starved to death but i saved him... [well her found that out later when she laid some eggs]. At first I could take her out of the cage but now since I didnt spent too much time with her ... she became WILD like her parents [they havent been out of the cage all this years they bite hard and make blood come out easily. this is one of my resolution for this year take them out of the cage and make them more available. So we ended up with the couple [parents] and the girl.

They are all albinos with gorgeous red eyes. The male sings sometimes cause we didnt had time to teach him either [I know that is sad but not every body in my house can whistle or have time for that right now, sadly.] They dont have names, never did. They sleep uncovered and if you cover them they will scream, so radical this birds [ha ha]. Well they have laid more eggs but we dont have time to deal with that so we haven't put the nest back up so they really do the whole process. Last year she laid like 13 eggs the first time and on the sencond time she laid like 9 eggs. Crazy.

Here are my babies. I can't identify them so. Whatever!