Thursday, January 31, 2008

Cloverfield [aka: 1-18-08]

There wasnt too much information on what the movie was about around the internet. The style of presenting the whole mysterious concept worked very well. This is a must see movie. I had my doubts cause like I said no one knew and everybody wante to know about it.

I remember that I saw some videos on youtube some time ago [like months ago maybe 6 not sure I think it was more] and they were discussing the monster. The movie didnt even had a title it was called 1-18-2008 becuase that was the date on the pics that they had on the site of the movie. The site only had like 3 maybe 4 pics giving "hints" about what the movie was about. Everyone wanted to know if it was godzilla or any of those other monsters. They even tried to do stuff with the pics on the site like to find more clues or tips. But I think nothing ever worked out. Still people stayed making theories, stories, plots, etc.

I mean I cant even resume the movie [ha ha] but I loved it. The takes were so great and the shooting of it was amazing. You really think you are there running around in NYC trying not to get killed but this THING that is destroying the city for "no reason". It seems that there will be a second part don't know. If they ever try to pull that they will have to work that pretty hard but it can surely be done. No doubt.

I just have one request. Please stop destroying NYC they are many other cities that can be destroyed [ha ha ha]. I guess people like to see NYC ruined and damaged. Not sure. There is no soundtrack, didn't need it. Oh! I want the camcorder that Hud [one of the charcters] had. The one they used to "film" the movie. That camcorder is the shit, long lasting batteries, night vision, optical zoom is fantastic and the light feature for darker places works pretty well too.

Go watch the movie people. WATCH it! Eat before the movie starts you might let the soda fall. I wont even put the trailer... you go and see it. It is insane.

Collab: Ruki & Reavel

This are the stickers I sent to Miss Ruki from Macedonia. She made this cute, great and awesome characters. Aren't they cute. Love the colors she gave them. Ruki thanks for being part of this and we MUST do this again.

Pastelillo de Guayaba

Yes. This is a glorious pastelillo de guayaba. It is like a cake of guava fruit. [guayaba=guava]. You can get them in most bakeries here in PR. The size varies the come tiny [like bite sizes], regular or big ones [like the one shown here 'sorry I cant show the other sizes'] I went to the bakery this morning and well had to share this greatness with you. This is very loved and enjoyed here in Puerto Rico.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Airport's Web

It was all yellow.

Light Drops

Total: $16.32

This morning I got up at 5:30am and went with my boss to the airport [we have only one international airport in case you are wondering which one] cause she was taking her mother there. After we checked her up on the airline and everything we went to the cafeteria and to eat some breakfast. I get the tray and tell the guy I wanted some scrambled eggs with ham, some bacon and pancakes. He gently enough ask me if I wanted syrup and butter to what I replied yes please. I went to the fridge to get something to drink and checked out they had arizona iced tea but the little cans [15.5 .oz] (havent seen those on the street here sadly).

I was happy had my bacon my arizona so I went to the register to pay for my breakfast. The lady says it is $16.32. I was like... WHAT? and she says "-Yeah I know expensive, right? I was like Yeah but well I can't return the food, right? [really long *sighhhhhhh*]. SO i went to the table and didnt ate the scramble egg cause it was human made the one they just add water [YUK!!!]. I ate all the bacon [that was good]. I drank the arizona iced tea. The pancakes couldn't eat them they were like big crakers but with out taste even with the syrup and butter [HORRIBLE].

Below you will see an actual photo of the service and the ticket. I can't believe I paid $3.25 for 15.5 .oz of arizona tea when I get the 24 .oz for $0.99 anywhere. So I could buy 6 big ones for the $6.50 that I paid for this two... Ripoff!! but then again it is the airport.

What i learned?
Stick to the MacDonald BigBreakfast Deluxe, any Subway breakfast and all the rest of the junk food. Honestly. If we had walked a little further heaven doors would be open for us in any of those restaurants and I already knew what to expect and what I was going to pay for it.

Sunday, January 27, 2008


Ando buscando materiales para pintar mas zapatos. Aunque la gente quiere comprar los que he hecho aun no los puedo vender por varias razones. Primero porque los primeros dos que hice ya los use [ha ha]. Segundo que aun estoy buscando los materiales y el fijador para prolongar el tiempo del dibujo con el marcador sobre la tela del calzado.

Asi que me he dado a la tarea de leer las paginas de otras personas que laboran con marcadores y encontre que algunos uzan los marcadores Zig, Posca y los Oil Base de Sharpie. Yo actualmente uso los Sharpie regulares pero necesito un fijador. En una de estas paginas que visite encontre que usan el Krylon Workable Fixatif spray. Asiq ue ire a un lugar de arte o donde lo consiga a comprar uno.

Los ZIG markers los venden en Costco pero no en la tienda porque no le he visto en los Costco de aca. Asi que tendre que comprarlo online por lo que veo ya que no lo he visto en otros lugares. He averiguado sobre los oil based sharpie pero estan como a $4 cada uno y necesito de varios colores

ZIG® 48-piece ColorTwin™ Marker Set

El Krylon Workable Fixatif spray es lo que comprare por ahora en estos dias para sellar las ultimos zapatos que hice. Entiendo que hay que darle varias capas asi que creo que me voy por 4 capas para asegurarme que durara bastante el disenho. Al menos el fijador sale en menos de $6 la lata.
Solo tengo que saldar la tarjeta de credito para hacer la compra de los marcadores. Ellos pueden esperar usare los sharpie regulares por ahora. Otra cosa que me gustaria usar es acrilico pero le tengo panico al reguero cuando quiera hacer lineas finas porque no tengo pulso. Asi que veremos. Espero seguir haciendo esto porque me gusta y es algo diferente de hacer. Ya que no estoy pintando, ni escribiendo, solo ando haciendo dibujos tomando fotos y mateniendo el blog.

Project Back to Life

This project will be called Salvation. Just beacuase we all need some of it and it goes well with my situation. The room needs to be safe. I use to love to be on my room but now I hardly even go there. I can barely walk in it. I wont paint it but I will make it feel like home and the shelter it used to be for me. My life is there and it kinds of refelcts my actual mood. Lost, untamed, and trashy. That haves to change.

I promised to myself that I would make a new years resolution that I will just do the things on the way they showed up. So this is the time to have a project. Right now I have two rooms. One were I paint or used to paint and now I sleep in it too. The other room used to be my bedroom but it is quite full of things that I dont use anymore. I have been trying to pick up the pieces but dont know where to start. Later on you will see way when I get to the pictures.

This weekend I had a few arguements with myself and other things so I decided it is time for me to trow away not some stuff but EVERYTHING that I dont use. The things that I dont use but I need to keep them due to the sentimental value they carry will be put in another place I guess. But first thing first. After that I plan to make it a another guest room. This house haves three rooms, kitchen, 1 bathroom, livingroom and a terraza. It is huge for me and the floor is white ceramic which I totally hate cause everything is seen on the floor way too high mantainance but I didnt choose the tile.

The plan is start from the floor then the shelves and boxes, then the closet and other things. The shades are going off, all the boxes are going off too. But this will take time. I plan to take photos of the process. You might ask why I do this and I am doing just because I need to. URGENTLY!!!. This year things HAVE to change or I am out. Yes I am out.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Back to Metro. Back to Reality.

Yes. I came back home yesterday from my vacations. I had a good time the place we stayed at was empty there were like 4 familys staying and it have space for like 104 families so you do the match. On the pics that I have uploaded all this days you can see the place. We had the pool all for ourselves but it was cold so we didnt got it, even with the sun it didnt got warmn. I didnt even dare to go to the beach for the same cold issue. Besides we all went to relax.

I slept all the days in a hammock outside on the balcony of the room. The pics are uploaded too here. We went to many places around the south and southwest coast. Took lots of pics that I have already uploaded. I uploaded them daily so I think you already saw them. I still have to upload the ones of the day we came back that we went to the beach to at least say we saw it. So it was fun the sea got pretty high blame it on the weather. The sun was hitting us very badly so I was glad I only went there to take pics of the shore and the things around it like some building rocks, sand, people, etc.

I took time to think out some stuff trying to sort out my ideas about many things that are running around my mind. I got the answer for somes the others will be a long process to get over them or just go along with them. I still care for some subjects. I really do and wish just the best for that situation. I am understanding that it had to be like it had to be that there is nothing we could do to make it work or happen so off with that. Keep it simple that is all we have to do.

Oh! I can't leave this behind. While I was on my vacation the day before we came back we went to the town of Guanica [not the municipality 'cause we are already there' but to the old part of the town] to take pictures at el malecon and stuff. My dad parks the SUV on a side and I get down to take some photos. I cross the street and then I noticed I couldnt get the photo I wanted from there so I stand on the side and then an SUV stops right besides me and there it was an old me driving. I said well maybe he is making a stop but no he asked me if i was hanging around there and I was like ehhh yeah I am. Then he asked if I was having a good time around and I said yeah. At that moment i was like what the hell does he wants to know? So this old man asked me if he could take me for a ride around the town and I was like ehh NO... then he asked again and I said no I am ok. So he just said goodbye and left. I mean my family was like 2 feet away from me so I wasnt alone. It was daylight like 1pm in the afternoon and he dares to ask a stranger if he can show her the town around. I freaked out. I was so sad I didnt got his license plate damn it. I was in shock and couldnt believe it.

I felt like if he did it to me and I am nothing like any of those gorgeous girls he could have done it with any school girl, since near the place are some schools [middle and high school]. I just wish I did got those numbers. I wondered how many times he have done that and if he ever got advantage of any girl or whatever. Things today arent peaches and cream so you have to be like thinking all the bad stuff first. I would gladly report him to the police so they could have an eye on him. An old man doing that. What have this world come to. This never happend to me on the metro area where most of the people would think things like this could happen. So this part kind of ruined that day. Well it left me worried.

Then anyways I got home yesterday and hell went loose again. Gosh I wanted to go back to the peacefull time but well some other day or maybe next time I shall stay working. Take note that I didnt miss the traffic, the horns, the people, nothing just my work. I wish I was sleeping under the stars on the hammock watching the sunrise again and again. I surely will miss that and your voice, that is all I need sometimes. Nothing else.

happy birthday to you.

Pinky's Shoes

Guanica, San German y La Parguera


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