Sunday, December 28, 2008

To Do List: 2009

Trying not to waste my time writing about things that really don't matter or shouldn't matter so I will just skip that theme. Right away. Only this words I just wrote so that you know that I know.

So... now....

Hi how you been its been a while since I wrote here just because of it. I guess I've dedicated too much time to something I didn't. I just got hurt on the process in many ways. It was fun when it started. afterwards I felt more alone than ever before so what to do quit it. I tried to gain friends meet new people from around my island and again it have become a disaster. I'm sticking with the people across the oceans. Go back to my art mode and try to enjoy that part of my life like I did before getting on this massacre.

I almost even forsake my friends just to find new ones with whom I could share some other points of view of my life but seem I never needed to do that. Lesson learned. Still I'm not erasing my whole life there just not caring a fuck about what people say think or do. I never learn it seems. I always think people will or could do this or that and at the end it all ends the same way. I'm the one to blame cause I'm the one with some "hope" of whatever... *sigh*

Things TO DO in 2009.... [note that this isn't a resolution]
  • Go back to Blog about the things that really matter to me in the art department which I have forsake for some time now. Going back to the artist of the month thing.
  • Do more plushies
  • Make more custom items [sneakers, bags so on]
  • PAINT again in a huge ass canvas. Then stay painting on canvas.
  • Return to photography. I'm not professional but I do love taking photos of the simple of things.
  • Get my stickers done for Sticker Phiends 2009. The target or mission is to make 200+ stickers and ship them away to Arizona. I think I'm even sending the clipboards this time. Not sure yet.... Not sure.
  • Start again my art related posts of art and artists like artist of the month. That was a really good idea that I stopped doing don't know why.
  • Pay more attention to my Google Reader feeds and add more every time. Delete the ones that hardly update or are no longer interesting for me.
  • Sondag... keep her updated and well. 
  • Stop visiting Twitter. Sometimes I even wonder if going there was a big mistake. I got to know some great people so it wasnt that bad at all. Maybe I just need to clean the list and add new ones, perhaps. Maybe what I only need to do is leave.
  • Start reading again. I have stopped reading that have been really bad decision for me.
  • Stay in touch with my friends more often. I have some how forsaken them trying to get new ones... EPIC FAIL!!!
  • Learn to say NO...
  • Then in some situations say YES!
I think that is for now. Later on I guess I'll get more organized and make a longer To Do list or something.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Sondag First Christmas

Im happy to be celebrating Sondag first Christmas. I really don't care about the whole thing. I mean I do believe in God and all but the whole original idea of the celebration which was unite families and stuff have vanished away with time and society making it more commercial every time. Anyways this is her first Christmas with us. Sadly for now I don't have a thing for her or anyone in my house. Yes I'm that cheap.. whatever! Maybe for Three kings day I might have something for everyone but for tonight.

I remember when I first saw her and wondered if I would ever keep her. I had many doubts since in my house nobody liked cats but she now owns them. She is the baby of the house. Now is lives inside the house hardly goes out. We do take her for a while to the front yard of backyard and she enjoys it. I have big plans for her next year as in getting her more healthy stuff and bigger toys etc. I love her and I am very happy that I got the chance to kept her.

Right now she is 8months old already sterilized eats everything I give her. She loves her soft moist treats and her ball of yarn. She doesn't make a mess in the litter or breaks things up. She sleeps most of the day but loves to scratch her claws with window screens, therefore she broke some of them. She haves her name tag so she wont get lost. I feel like a good mom. Gotta love the kitty.


This year... in a few words

It's 6:41 Im still in my bed. I don't have to work. Actually I took the day off I did had to go to work. It's Christmas. No one should work iChristmas. Still there are some that need to do so. Anyways like I said Im laying on my bed as I type on the tiny screen of my cellphone with my fantastique stylus.

Söndag is walking all over the room like checking that everything is were it should. She is a lovable creature. One of the best things that happend to me this year. I learned to love her andI dont regret [for now] that I kept her. People think I bought her but she just showed up on my backyard. Lovely second chances kind of story.

The room is cold. Its been like this all this past week. Its been great and I can certainly live like this all year long. Chilly in the morning, cool breeze along the day and then regular weather the rest of the day. Its almost perfect. Funny thing is that I wanted to do a post like resuming what happend for me this year and I went blank. Totally blank! Therefore a question popped in my head. Did something actually happend. Wait! Let me remake the questio... Did something important happend? I could say yes, so many things happed.

I really wish I could break it down by months but I don't remember things so exactly so it wont happen.

The highlights of my year:

• I got Söndag. I became a cat lover.
• I started a diet I never ever finished or well kept. Had some issues along the day that didn't helped me to stay focus on it.
• I did some plushies. Haven't sold one yet. [haha] but I enjoyed hand sewing them.
• I got a Nissan Versa of my own that I still don't drive because I still don't have the license to do so.
• Met cool people this year.
• Best friend asked me to be her madrina for her wedding.
• I opened an online store. Very small nothing big, very simple.
• I got a handy dandy cellphone. Very geeky one in fact. I love it.
• I celebrate my 30th year of living. [so old...]
• I made some custom shoes for meself.
• Joined too many social networks.

I think this pretty much could resume what I have done. Nothind big just. Just every day things. Im still writing with my stylus here which it col become quite a burden.

I will try to edit this later, add some links and photos. I can't do everything from here. Until then keep reading.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Dear Reader: Merry Christmas

Dear Reader:

This year have been very crazy for me. Well I think for the whole world in fact but that is another subject for another post. I think I'll make an end of the year post trying to resume the whole thing. It will be grand.

I have to be honest. I am not to fond of this season and the whole issue of people waiting for this time to make big changes and forgiving other or themselves. You have 365 days to do it so why wait till now. I feel the same for the rest of the holidays celebrated the rest of the year. Still I do hope you have a nice holiday season cause I know that for some this really means something or just make this their emotional peak time etc.

I see this time like a time were family, lovers, friends well humanity should stick together and celebrate life and a new year arriving. To be better humans making better choices for ourselves and the world we live in. So there you go and have yourself a very nice Christmas. Don't forget to go to a church give thanks to God for all the good and bad things. Pray for a better guidance for the year to come. I know you already did it on Thanksgiving day but doing it again wont hurt you. In fact it will do you good.

Thanks for the visiting,reading and supporting me all this years. This new year I hope to see you around and contribute even more. Even when you think it doesn't matter it does matter and it is important for me to see you around. Anyways... Doesn't Sondag look great under the tree. Yes she does.

Xmas Card

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Koi Fish for Valentino

This is my entry to Valentino's Moleskine.

Part of the Moly_X group 26..

You can see the progress of our notebooks at Moly_X_26 Blog. Also visit Flickr Group Moly_X were all started.

I started this today at 6:30am finished it at 11:30am. Loved doing it. Hope you enjoy it. 


Thursday, December 18, 2008

Koi Fish

I like Koi Fish. They have become pretty trendy in the tattoo and art atmosphere.

Since the other day I was thinking of drawing and getting back on the moleskine train that I fell from a long time ago [since summer].

I did the koi on Johannes moly. I hope he enjoys it. The quality of the photos that show the process are not that good but the final one is. Hope you enjoy it.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Draco Rosa: Teatro

En estos dias Draco lanzo el CD/DVD llamado Teatro. Esta produccion contiene dos discos uno de audio y el dvd. Ambos contienen las mismas canciones. Es una produccion de venta limitada a 5000 copias lo que automaticamente lo hace en un collectors item para los fans o seguidores de su musica.

Yo como fan fiel tengo el Teatro en casa. Estaba emocionada en obtenerlo porque fui al concierto del cual se extrajo el material para el DVD por lo tanto estaba ansiosa por verlo ya que el concierto fue espectacular en todo el sentido de la palabra.

Recuerdo que mientras estaba en el concierto mucha gente de la que asistio no se sabian las canciones y solo estaban alli faraduleando. Draco permitio que las personas grabaran y tomaran fotos mientras el concierto corria todo con el fin de pedir luego los pietajes y con esto hacer el DVD envolviendo a su fanaticada o los alli presentes en el disco. Todas estas cosas le dieron un aire de majestuosidad a la larga espera del DVD ya que fue en septiembre del anho pasado la actividad.

Ahora voy a escribir mi punto de vista sobre el CD/DVD [habran muchos spoilers si no lo has comprado... Im sorry]. Tengo que admitir que NO estoy satisfecha con el CD ni con el DVD. Hay varias razones para que esto ocurra.

  • El cd/dvd se llama Teatro. Al tener este nombre pense que iba a tener las canciones del disco Teatro del Absurdo en el mismo. Esto no es asi solo incluye la cancion Bosque de los Numeros y Divididos [intro]. Pense que iba a escuchar Roto por ti, Suenho Contigo, Desnudo o cualquiera de esas canciones. Esto no paso.
  • Aunque el efecto de black/white filming es siempre bueno me hubiese encantado que lo dejaran a colores. Otra alternativa viable para mi era los backstage en black/white y las canciones en color. Porque digo esto? En el concierto el sistema de luces jugo un papel MUY importante con la musica, escenografia y todo lo que fue el concierto. it made the mood more teathrical. Pense que me sentiria bien emocionada al recordarlo tal cual paso. Pero NO fue asi.
  • Usaron los covers de The Doors y Living la Vida Loca en el CD esto debio ser un bono exclusivo para el DVD e incluir como ya dije antes mas canciones de Teatro del Absurdo.
  • Volvimos a los refritos. Canciones que ya estamos harto de escuchar y nos sabemos by heart in every tonada que la puedan reciclar.
Que me gusto del CD/DVD:
  • Precio: se puede conseguir por mucho menos de 15$ en las tiendas [$11- Walmart, $10 en] lo que lo hace muy affordable con esto de la economia.
  • El DVD es un bono so es gratis
  • La calidad de la grabacion esta buena.
  • Que no tiene mucho empaque ni papeleria.
  • Lo puedes bajar por iTunes [a friend told me he got it there 'hi @mrcos']
Les exorto que aun asi compren el CD/DVD por las razones mencionadas de que son copias limitadas a 5000, solo estan para Puerto Rico y ya no quedan muchas. El concierto de Teatro fue una cosa impresionante, las calaveras el ambiente la musica las proyecciones en las pantallas fue un masterpiece por eso mi frustracion. Esperaba MUCHO mas de esto MUCHO mas... se que estoy repitiendo pero bueno queria mas.

22ma Convencion de Coleccionistas

22ma Convencion de Coleccionistas
YMCA Santurce - San Juan, Puerto Rico
December 14 2008, Sunday / photos by: Reavel
Si estas interesado en asistir o saber mas sobre las Convenciones de Coleccionistas, Anime o Cosplay visita Paquines son Comics o donde podras encontrar mas informacion de estos eventos y temas relacionados.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Bettie Page

Bettie Page (April 22, 1923 – December 11, 2008) was a former American model who became famous in the 1950s for her fetish modeling and pin-up photos. She was also one of the earliest Playmates of the Month for Playboy magazine.
"I think that she was a remarkable lady, an iconic figure in pop culture who influenced sexuality, taste in fashion, someone who had a tremendous impact on our society," Playboy founder Hugh Hefner told theAssociated Press. Her later life was marked by depression, violent mood swings and several years in a state mental institution. While she faded into obscurity in the 1960s after converting to Christianity and serving as a Baptist missionary in Angola, she experienced a resurgence of popularity in the 1980s and had a significant cult following. Her look, including her jet black hair and trademark bangs, has been iconic within the rockabilly subculture and has influenced many artists.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Happy Birthday to me!!!!

In the picture above I had 23 days. This are my first photos cause I spent 22days at the hospital. I was born starting my 7months. Weight like 4 pounds[which I could stay fit] It was a Monday December 11 at 2pm so they say.

Now at my 30's I can say I have been places I have done things but I still have lots to do and lots of places to go. Many people to meet and forget. Experiences to cherish, blessings to share. Not always a shiny day but still the sun always comes out for everyone. I lost my grandma from mom side last year she was 96 [the one on the upper left side]. I still have my grandma from my dad side [the one on the lower left side] The other me mom carrying me. And the other one on the top is me. Those are the three woman that raised me.

I still have me dad and his dad[ me grandpa the only one I knew] I have me lil sister and God knows how much I love all of them. I have my friends that have come and gone but all good and bad made me how Im with all the things [good/bad] they thought me along this 30 years of life that God gave me. I am a miracle and even when I have been ungrateful sometimes I have to ask for forgiveness and accept it was God's will to keep me safe. I don't know why I am here but He knows [maybe me mom/family/friends prayed too much and her faith kept me alive.

Monday, December 08, 2008

Black Thinking

There is this site called I have no clue of what is the main purpose.. or if there is any. I just know they collect things that is the only "explanation/justification" they give out. Seems pretty cool for me.  

You will notice the OCB everywhere. What is this OCB? Well it is a name of company that sells papers/filters to smoke tobacco. Go Figure!

I still dont know what ones have to do with the other they just say they are friends. Thing is they have two videos called The Eye and The Fly / Black Thin King. It is all black and white very 40's like. Great surreal video. Both videos were made by Marcelo Baldin from Sao Paulo, Brazil. He is an Art Director and Sound Designer.Visit for more information on his works.

The Eye and the Fly from combustion on Vimeo.

Black Thin King from combustion on Vimeo.

About: Soaps

You might be wondering... Why a post about soaps? Why?

The answer is I don't know it keeps you clean and smell good most of them and well why not write about them if we used them everyday. If you don't use it everyday well you should. People around you will be happier when you start using them. It is a health issue you know. Soaps have many functions but my favorite and I think that the most important is merely to keep us clean, smell good, make you happy while you take a shower and perhaps relax for a while from all the daily stress.

Anyways I love soaps. I go around places looking for soaps with good scents and that will make feel good while and after showering. My favorite ones have Oatmeal, honey, lavender, milk and well god scents. I will do a list of the soaps I have been using this past few months. Yes I have used them. I enjoy every one of them and you can find them around the stores. I think all of them are under the 7$ except for the Neutrogena one [i know it is more or could be more]. Some you can find them online [except for the Old Navy one ONLY available in stores].

This vegetable-based treatment bar is specially formulated with loofah fibers - a natural exfoliant - to gently scrub away dead skin and other surface impurities. A hint of honey soothes the senses and natural colloidal o atmeal soothes the skin -while the loofah unclogs pores- allowing skin to breathe freely, naturally.

My Note: I Use this more for the face and to shave legs. It fades quickly and you will see the oatmeal on your skin. Feel the exfoliating sensation and all.

English Lavender Soap Yardley London 
[1.19$ Walgreens]

From the experts in lavender since 1770, these high quality, triple-milled soaps are a favourite. Lather all over to leave your skin clean, fresh and gently scent.

My Note: I just love the lavender scent it leaves on my skin. My grandma used this. So it haves a sentimental value too. Reminds me of her.

Neutrogena Rainbath Refreshing Shower and Bath Gel  
8$ - 9$ [depends on size it comes bigger :D]

Neutrogena® Rainbath® Shower and Bath Gel cleans, softens and conditions skin without a heavy leave-behind residue. Your skin is left in better condition - feeling smooth, soft and renewed. The fragrant blend of spices, fruits and herbs provides a clean burst that awakens your senses and refreshes your entire body.

My Note: Amazing for shaving your legs, trust me on this. Also feels incredibly good and the scent is great. warm water does wonders with this pretty relaxing.

Old Navy Soaps 
[2 x 5$ / Not available online ONLY in stores]

8 different scents (including Clean Musk, Vanilla, Pear, Peony, and Green Tea) paraded as soap, candles, lotion and reed diffusers. The packaging is BEAUTIFUL. Each scent has its own unique black and white pattern accented by a single color. [+ info here & here / photo from here ]

My Note:
I loved the packing first then the soap after using it. Great soaps. Very fresh good scents leaves skin soft.

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Feeling Creative: Priceless!

My birthday is Thursday of the next week. My birthday party will be on Saturday. Last years I had this huge idea for a birthday party. I was going to invite lots of people, maybe have a local band playing and all. Then I realize that it was going to be a lot of mess, way expensive [economy this days ain't helping either] and well not everyone that went there will be people I know.

Therefore I decided to do it in a smaller place with people I really know or are in the process of knowing. I am pretty cheesy in all this stuff and I decided to make some "party" favors. Honestly I did it cause I got this wacky cool but so creative idea of doing it that I went on with the project. It is a little token of me to give to my friends. My creative and appreciation to them for been around for so long or just been there when needed the most. Still I know this is no way to pay all that but it is something I wanted to do.

I hand painted the packages/designed them, burnt the cds oe by one on my almost ruined laptop [rants on the matter here 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 ], did the stickers, then did all the rest on my own. It contains cool stuff that I hope my guests will enjoy. Materials used: acrylic paint, spray can, black cardboard paper, white regular paper, ribbons and cds. It was a mess but I had fun doing everything I always do. I love to feel creative and this gave me that opportunity. Its been a long while since I felt this creative honestly. Long time. Im really proud of the outcome of this. Hope people appreciate it and enjoy it as much as I did.


Im so happy I got this morning my Juxtapoz magazine. On this month of december the art on the is from Sam Flores. Went to the page and asked for issue of this month and well it arrived today. Pretty excited here are some photos of the unpacking. Now I have to wait for the other one to go to school.

>> Update:
"Now I have to wait for the other one to go to school."
What school what the hell I was talking about... I guess it was too late..and kept typig nonesense... must be carful with that...  anyways. I dont know anything about school. I meant to say that I subscribed for a year [YEY! - lets say XMas gift from me to me] and that now I have to wait for them to arrive.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Mystery Man

I watched this video the other day and feel in love with it. The animations are great seem simple but it ain't simple to make them. Gnarls Barkley does it again and twice. The lyric [posted below] couldn't be better and it proof that you don't need a mega production to make an excellent captivating video. This band is great and I surely hope to see more of them around for many years to come.

I may be a mystery
But I'm mostly a man.
And if i can't do what you want me to
Then just let me do what I can
See I knew you'd understand

Now I'm a lover and a smiler
It's only been once or twice that I've ran
But I've been there, I've got the pain to prove it
But I live to fight again
And I know you understand

We're pieces to a puzzle
The big picture and plan
But until I know for certain
You have to take me as I am

And I hope you understand

Song: Mystery Man
Artist: Gnarls Barkley
Album: Who is gonna save my sould now [EP]

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Fell on Black Days

Fell On Black Days

Whatsoever I've feared has
Come to life
Whatsoever I've fought off
Became my life
Just when everyday
Seemed to greet
Me with a smile
Sunspots have faded
And now I'm doing time
Cause I fell on
Black days

Whomsoever I've cured
I've sickened now
Whomsoever I've cradled
I've put you down
I'm a search light soul
They say but I can't
See it in the night
I'm only faking
When I get it right
Cause I fell on
Black days
How would I know
That this could be my fate

So what you wanted to
See good has made you blind
And what you wanted to
Be yours has made it
So don't you lock up
Something that you
Wanted to see fly
Hands are for shaking
No not tying

I sure don't
Mind a change
But I fell on black
How would I know
That this could be
My fate

Friday, November 28, 2008

This I've Learned: Week no. 48 year 2008

This past week and the one before this one I had/went some events/situations and I certainly did learned a few things. This is the good thing about living and the days passing by. They always teach you something for good or worst but you learn. That is what makes life a little bit more exiting [lets say...]
  1. When you organize an event like the one that took place in La Placita de Santurce you BETTER check it the place is big enough for the crow that will attend. Good bands, but way to fucking crowded and no place to move. Good shows by the bands good sound but small place. Free events NEED more space to make the people feel comfortable not compressed to one another. Thanks!
  2. I really liked the technique of applying acrylic first to the shows then paint them with the rest of colors needed. The marker does stick to it. Does't run off when wet. That is a super plus. Might apply this technique from now on since it is more user/buyer friendly.
  3. Im enjoying having Qik on my phone. I finally managed to add my Qik videos to my Youtube videos .
  4. Don't drink too much don't mix drinks will give you the headache of your life. You might enjoy the feeling the night before but in the morning you will regret it. I think this one everybody knows it... 
  5. Note to Parents or those parenting: Choose wisely your words when you want your offspring to help you out in something. If you don't do this you might end up all alone doing the work at the end. I guess that isn't what you planned for, right?
  6. Be always honest with your boss. pay attention be honest not rude not to harsh just honest. so they know where/what you stand for. That way they wont play games with you or dare to make you a stupid question. It always work for me.
  7. I still don't like any of the lolly pops songs. I think they are stupid. WAY stupid.. nonsense.
  8. I still don't enjoy holidays like the one we had yesterday Thanks Giving Day. Not that I don't believe in it cause I do. But again it is all commerce shit and no real meaning behind it. You should give thanks everyday for what you have not pretend you are grateful just for one day and fuck up the rest of the year. I spent the whole day sleeping had a good day.
  9. XMas is around the corner but hey we know that since before Halloween. many places had already decorated the place skipping the Thanks Giving Day. Way to show you care about the giving thanks thing.. nop they don't just give them the damn gifts of XMas.
  10. Friends. What are friends? Really, what makes us want to have friends loneliness? boredom? what? Im still searching for that answer. I know people right now I don't know if I've friends. Just people that I know. Sorry! 
  11. I care too much for the people around me sometimes. I should stop doing that. It is stupid.
  12. Please, please! Don't try to choose for me what is best for me. Don't tell me you don't want to hurt me. It wont be the first time and Im sure it wont be the last time either. Getting hurt is part of the process of life. So let me choose if it will hurt me or not. Thank You and thanks for caring but no... Let me decide that!
  13. Always respect your elders. Learned the hard way [at least my parents.. my grandparents are saints haha..] But thanks to someone I learned that I do have to respect my parents. Im sorry I did that "in front" of you. Wont happen again.
  14. Hennessy , Bacardi Mojito and Jägermeister are pretty good. Now all together not that good if you know what I mean. Thank you!
  15. I liked the tweetup very much. Looking forward to the next one but with no alcohol this time. HA! It was nice meeting in real life the people I spent most of my morning/lunch/noon/afternoon/night/midnight with.
  16. I think I'm liking too much the alcohol thing. 
  17. Cranberry juice is one of the best thing ever.
  18. I think that family trips [flying and such] are over. Will from now on travel with friends and such. Perhaps one or other family member but not together. I'm too old for that shit already.
  19. I really want a Wii for XMas but I've other priorities for now.
  20. Someone told me that Söndag might get real heavy cause you wont ever get pregnant. Meh!
  21. Ouh!... Don't you ever say no to something you want or would like to have. I had this [hehe...] lets say offer that I said NO to then later on regretted. I know it did kept me thinking for a few days. It was something I could only dream of and it just happen that it was request not by me but to me and I said NOOO! stupid me. ahhh. Another day!! another day!! I didnt sleep that night after those words were mentioned. Still today can't believe I said no.
  22. I like my new blog layout.
  23. I like my new store .
  24. I'm reading the licencia de conducir book. So things are about to change soon.
  25. Facebook once again is taking over the world.
  26. I shouldn't have accepted all the people I have on my lists on facebook it might bring me some problems. Right now I really don't care but people are so noisy and stupid.
  27. Today is to so called BLACK FRIDAY but the governor fuck that up to. No huge sales this year. Thanks to thhe BLACK WEEK with NO IVU he gave when the no hurricane Omar visited us. Gotta love him.


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