Shortie!! Is here!

Shortie!! Is here!

Yesterday... I was still waiting for Shorties parcel. Finally it got home at night. The mailman left the parcel on the wrong mailbox. The house owner opened the envelope and then he noticed it wasnt his but when it got home it had everything. I already told Shortie that I got her parcel. She was worried hehe. This was all part of a sticker trading collab project we had. I sent her some of my stickers and another one so we could both contribute with our styles. She kept some for her and send me her part [the first picture] Shortie lives in New Hampshire, USA. She makes graffiti, customizes clothing, skateboards, etc. [check her link below for +info].

Thanks Shortie and looking forward to more trades with you.

above: [ the collab with Shortie ]

above: [ Shortie Trade Set ]



  1. mano la verdad es que eres mi artista conocida favorita
    you should sell this girl...


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